Friday, 12 August 2016

Juche fuels the DPRK construction boom !


More baloney and nonsenical lies from the imperialist scab media about People's Korea !. The "Telegraph", "Mirror" , "Express " , "Mail " and not to mention the trendies and hipsters bible the "Huffington Post " all carry the same false story about the DPRK feeding "crystal meth" to construction workers to speed up building work in Pyongyang .
   Needless to say the source for this is the notorious "Radio Free Asia " a US government sponsored propaganda station , In turn they quote an unnamed source . Well they are always dont they. It is always unnamed sources , defectors etc and it is always proven false after the event as was the case with General Ri Yong Gil.
   As a matter of fact the production and distribution of harmful drugs like crystal meth and cocaine is totally ILLEGAL in the DPRK . What is the secret of the DPRK's fast construction work ? Firstly, everyone supports the builders and lends a hand . Major construction projects are all people movements. People go to building sites to support the builders and take them food and hot drinks. Secondly , people are roused by ideology to take part in construction. This is the Juche-orientated method and approach. Juche asserts that the people are the master of the revolution and construction and that they are the basic motive force of the revolution. Therefore they need to take responsiblity or 'take ownership ' if you like. Therefore people are roused by political and ideological work to take part in construction.
    In the late 1950s there was the Chollima Movement. Chollima was a mythical winged horse that could fly 400km a day .This movement started at the Kangson Steel Plant . President KIM IL SUNG visited the steel plant in December 1956 and told the workers that the DPRK was being attacked and pressurised from all sides -by the US imperialists , by the south Korean puppet fascist reactionaries , by modern revisionism and the big power chauvinists (China and Russia ) and by an internal anti party faction led by traitors). President KIM IL SUNG told them that it was only the Korean working class they could rely on and appealed to them to produce an extra 30,000 tons of steel. The Kangson Steel Plant actually went off and produced an extra 60,000 tons of steel thereby doubling production in one go ! . Building workers created the Pyonyang speed by building a flat in 14 minutes .
Now Mallima a legendary horse that can cover 10,000 km in a day has become the by word for high speed socialist construction.
    Clearly the imperialists and reactionaries are jealous of the DPRK's high speed in socialist construction and too scared to admit that the DPRK is actually the fast growing economy in the world whereas the much vaunted capitalist showcase of puppet south Korea has fallen into stagnation and confusion !
It is not crystal meth but Juche, Chollima and Mallima that  propel the DPRK's fast construction !

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