Sunday, 7 August 2016

The Bright Glow of Independence from Juche Korea !


This month  Juche Korea celebrates two very important anniversaries of  Juche Korea -August 15 Liberation Day and August 25th Day of Songun . Both these anniversaries are closely linked not simply because one is some 10 days after the other but because it is Songun that underpins the independence of Korea .Indeed Korea liberation came about because of the Songun-based line of achieving independence through armed struggle advanced by the great leader President KIM IL SUNG .

  Today the Juche Korea shines very brightly with true independence thanks to the Juche Idea and Songun idea .On August 15 the chains of Japanese imperialism were finally severed  and the Korean people gained a new life of independence thanks to the great leader president  KIM IL SUNG.
 The bright glow of independence of Juche Korea radiated throughout the world . 

 Today everyone knows that the DPRK is the most independent country in the world. Even the reactionary conservative British premier John Major , in a backhanded compliment , admitted that the  DPRK has " undiluted sovereignty".
   The DPRK controls its own armed forces and weapons . It's nuclear deterrent  is a genuine independent nuclear deterrent. No other country controls the DPRK nuclear weapons  When I was a child I read  a book about weapons and learnt that Britain's nuclear missiles could only be fired when 2 keys were inserted into the controls , one of the keys was held by an American army officer. In the DPRK no other country holds the key to its nuclear weapons , no other country has the codes for the DPRK nuclear weapons or can stop the DPRK from using them !

  Unlike south Korea the DPRK does not have armed forces of any country stationed on its territory . The US troops and bases in south Korea are part of a massive network of US overseas bases which run into hundreds. The US has created a "greater American empire"virtually covering all corners of the globe.
   There is not 1 foreign soldier or military base of another country on the soil of the DPRK.Of course the DPRK does not maintain military bases on other countries soil. The DPRK firmly asserts its independence and sovereignty but at the same time totally respects the the sovereignty of other nations. Only the DPRK alone can make decisions concerning what weaponry is deployed on its soil. By contract south Korea, the puppet and '51st of the US ' and the 'unsinkable aircraft carrier'  has no wartime operational control over its armed forces  and no choice over which weapons that its overlord the US imperialists deploy . Recently the US imperialists have deployed the extremely controversial THAAD(Terminal High Altitude Area Defence ) despite the opposition of the south Korean people and the anger of Russia and China whom the south Korean puppets had been trying to cultivate . South Korea is dependent on the US and also Japan . Under the fascist puppet Park Geun Hye south Korea has become more and more dependent on the US but Park has manoeuvred to make south Korea dependent on other outside forces such as the EU, UK, France , Russia and China. However the deployment of THAAD has put south Korea into a real pickle as it is opposed by Russia and China . South Korea lacking independence and Juche , finds itself a pawn , or like a football kicked about by big powers . It is caught in the crossfire of the US-China and US-Russia conflict.
    After 15th of August 1945 the people of the northern half of Korea became masters of their fate . President KIM IL SUNG had liberated them from Japanese imperialist rule. In the past Korea had lost independence due to its feudal rulers dependence on outside forces .Moreover Korea had been caught in the competition and rivalry between big powers such as Japan, Russia, China , US
and Britain. President KIM IL SUNG had waged a Juche-orientated struggle for the independence by relying on the ordinary people, the popular masses.The Korean people under the leadership of President KIM IL SUNG fought in the spirit of Juche without no state backing or aid from outside. Juche Korea became independent , no longer a mere plaything of outside forces but master of its own destiny.

   The independence and Juche character of the DPRK were buttressed by Songun. Indeed it is impossible to imagine Juche without Songun ! On the 25th of August the great leader comrade
KIM JONG IL gave guidance to the Seoul Ryu Kyong Su 105 Guard Tank Division of the Korean People;s Army heralding the start of the Songun revolutionary leadership .Songun teaches us that 
independence can only be won and defended by force of arms and the Songun revolutionary leadership saw the massive consolidation of independence.
   Today the August 15th liberation  and the Songun revolutionary leadership are brilliantly carried forward by the dear respected Marshal KIM JONG UN , the great successsor to the Juche and Songun revolutionary cause , thus the bright glow of independence of Juche Korea is burning ever more brightly and lighting the way for the true of independence of the peoples of the world.
Dr Dermot Hudson

UK Preparatory Committee For the 2017 Gathering to Praise the Great Persons Born of Mt Paektu

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