Wednesday, 30 November 2016

What does Trump's victory mean for the DPRK , south Korea and the world -special article by Dr Dermot Hudson

Respected Marshal KIM JONG UN has no illusions about US imperialism

There are many conflicting views about the significance of the election of Donald Trump for the Korean peninsula . Trump represents the extreme reactionary right of US imperialism but has paradoxically during his election campaign called for the withdrawal of US troops from south Korea and even said he would talk directly with the DPRK supreme leader dear respected Marshal KIM JONG UN, though even on this issue Trump was contradictory saying "Why not? What is wrong with talking?" but added "a meeting “over a hamburger” might be acceptable" . This kind of thing shows that Trump was not serious about opening meaningful high-level negotiations but in fact implicitly belittled  and insulted  the DPRK supreme leadership .
     Trump no doubt realised that withdrawing US forces from south Korea would be popular with a lot of  ordinary Americans who cannot understand why on earth US troops are stationed in a country so far from the shores of the US and also fear the risk of conflict whether conventional or nuclear with the DPRK .There is also the question of the huge burden on the taxpayer Trump unlike his opponent Hilary Clinton is a populist politican used to making throwaway promises and "anti elite " posturing (though in reality he is a billionaire property monopolist) .
   Of course Trump is not the first US politician to have promised the withdrawal of US forces from south Korea. Jimmy Carter actually promised the withdrawal of US troops from south Korea in the 1970s but as we know this never happened and indeed under Carter's presidency the US forces in south Korea approved the Kwangju massacare and were covertly involved in it. Of course the US military in south Korea and the south Korean puppets strongly opposed this move. Should Trump try to withdraw US troops in south Korea or even downsize the US military there he would face massive opposition from the US monopoly capitalist military industrial complex and from the south Korean puppet ruling class who are totally dependent on the US military to prop them up. There were siren voices within the US establishment and from the south Korean puppets warning Trump not to withdraw US troops from south Korea.
 Sure enough Trump's rhetoric and promises soon evaporated once he was elected President.Shortly after being elected  Trump spoke to the discredited puppet boss lady Park Geun Hye and said " We will be steadfast and strong with respect to working with you" against the DPRK adding that the US would work with south Korea "until the end". This has an omnious ring about it .Of course there is the strong possiblity that Trump will ask south Korea (as he stated many times during his election campaign) to pay even more for the so-called "upkeep " expenses of the US bases in south Korea . The present expenses paid by south Korea are nudging $1billion dollars. Should Trump increase the amount of money that south Korea pays for the US troops  then it will lead to increased anti-Americanism in south Korea and protests against the presence of US troops in south Korea. The money that south Korea already pays the US for the bases in south Korea could obviously be better spent on education, healthcare and poverty alleviation.
    Internationally Trump could weaken the anti-DPRK front . All those countries that were voting for US sponsored anti DPRK human rights resolutions will now either vote against or abstain as people in many countries particularly those in the third world percieve Trump to be a racist and fascist so many countries will be less likely to swallow US propaganda against the DPRK on human rights . In the UK and Europe  Trump will be percieved as another "nutty " , "stupid " and bellicose US leader
along with the late Ronald Reagan(the retired cowboy actor) and George Bush . Of course there is no accounting for the US dirty tricks machine and the ablity of the US to bribe countries into voting their way in the UN.
  As indicated above it is likely that Trump will simply continue the anti-DPRK policies of all previous US presidents despite making 'anti establishment ' noises . Trump's party the US Republican  Party actually is even more hardline anti-DPRK than Obama and Hillary Clinton  basically calling for the destruction of the DPRK and its social system even going as far to slander the DPRK as "slave state". Trump who is politically inexperienced will be likely to follow the policy of his party on the DPRK rather than making any policy changes of his own.
   The DPRK has no illusion about  the US and who occcupies the White House . Regardless of whether Trump , Clinton or Bernie Sanders , the key issue for the DPRK is US imperialism and the hostile policy of the US towards the DPRK. As the great leader President KIM IL SUNG said in
" All the policies of the United States of America originate from the aggressive nature of US imperialism and they can never change so long as the United States remains an imperialist power and does not give up her ambition for world domination . No matter who becomes US president , he only executes the colonial policy and expansionist policy of US imperialism faihfully as a spokesman for the interests of the US monopolies. Unless the state and social system undergoes a fundamental change, the policies of US imperialism can never change all of a sudden from aggressive to peaceful ones simply because the president has been replaced."
 Of course this does not mean that the DPRK dogmatically rejects any negotiations with the the US . The US needs to stop pretending that the DPRK is not a nuclear power and it needs to completely
revoke its hostile anti-DPRK policy  as the Memorandum of the DPRK Foreign Ministry published on the 22nd of November stated " The U.S. should face up to the new strategic position of the DPRK and take actual measures to show that they are willing to scrap its anachronistic hostile policy and nuclear threat against the DPRK.
    This, and only this will be the first base of resolving all the issues."

   If Trump or any other US president was prepared to do this then the DPRK would enter into negotiations with the US and there could be the beginning of a new era in DPRK-US relations,
 However the DPRK is taking no chances and not pinning hopes on a sudden improvement in DPRK-US relations , instead they are prepared to  counter the threat of war from the US. Since Trump's election  dear respected Marshal KIM JONG UN has given field guidance to KPA Units including frontline units 7 times saying that "The confrontation with the enemy is the one of fire and, at the same time, a stand-off in idea and faith.. the soldiers of the defence detachment should be provided with lots of ideological pabulum, if they are prepared to be the strongest in mental power who do not abandon their revolutionary faith even though they may die, defenders of socialism standing guard over the first line of the class struggle and the stalwart fighters for national reunification,"
  To conclude the DPRK is prepared for any eventuality that might arise from the Trump presidency. Whilst the world progressive people including many US citizens desire a change in US policy towards Korea this is unlikely to happen under Trump , however the rising strength of the DPRK thanks to the Songun policy could eventually force the US to finally revoke its discredited anti-DPRK policy which would have far-reaching results
Dr Dermot Hudson
President ASSPUK
Chairman JISGE
Official Delegate Korean Friendship Association UK
Member Intenational Committee for the Study of Songun Politics.

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