Tuesday, 22 November 2016

Statement on the formation of the UK Committee to Remember The great leader comrade KIM JONG IL

The UK Committee For Remembering the great leader comrade Kim Jong Il  issued the following statement:
  We will organise significant events to rember the great leader comrade Kim Jong Il  on the 5th anniversary of his passing away.
 Chairman Kim Jong Il was a truly a great leader. He was the successor to the great leader comrade Kim Il Sung. He carried forward the Juche revolutionary cause pioneered by great president Kim Il Sung.

 Chairman Kim Jong Il systematised the Juche idea . He built up the Workers Party of Korea as the party of the great leader President Kim Il Sung . Chairman Kim Jong Il , another general of Mt Paektu started the Songun –based revolutionary leadership  in 1960 and administered  Songun politics. Saying  expect No Change from me” he made sure that Korea held high the Red flag of socialism when socialism collapsed. Under the leadership of the great leader Chairman  Kim Jong Il  the DPRK became a proud independent nuclear power and a satellite launching nation.
  We will organise activities to commemorate the great leader comrade Kim Jong Il including a meeting on the 10th of December.
Dr Dermot Hudson

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