Tuesday, 8 November 2016

UK KFA Statement on the denial of the right of travel to KFA President Alejandro Cao De Benos

 London 8th of November 
The UK Korean Friendship Association was appalled to learn that the President of the Korean Friendship Association, comrade Alejandro Cao De Benos , was denied the right to travel to Ireland to attend the 16th Korean Friendship annual International Meeting held in Dublin. This was due to a decision of the Spanish authorities. We strongly condemn this despicable fascistic action by the reactionary Spanish state that is clearly serving the interests of US imperialism and the south Korean fascist puppet clique.
   It is not only an attack on the democratic rights and the human rights of comrade Alejandro but it is an attack on the entire Korean Friendship Association.It is an attempt to shut down our association and stop us from functioning.It is another twist in the McCarthyite vendetta against the Korean Friendship Association that is being waged by the ruling circles of the captialists countries.
 However they failed in their attempt and the KFA International Meeting was successfully held. They cannot silence us !
 We demand that Alejandro's democratic and human rights are respected and he is allowed the right to travel.

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