Sunday, 13 November 2016

He is not solitary

Funerals for peasant Baek Nam-gi who was ruthlessly killed by the barbarous suppression by the police took place in Seoul on Nov. 5.
Present at the funeral were bereaved families, members of the Headquarters of Struggle for Baek Nam-gi, lawmakers from opposition parties and other political figures and people from all walks of life.
There were speeches in memory of Baek made by Chung Hyun-chan, chairman of the Catholic Peasants Association, Kim Yong-ho, chairman of the National Federation of Peasants Associations and Choi-Jong-jin, acting chairman of the Korean Confederation of Trade Unions.
The chairman of the Catholic Peasants Association said that the people should not tolerate the murderous Park regime, the regime will not stamp the spirit of Baek and appealed to the participants to oust the Park regime and build a reunified, democratic society the departed wished.
They paid a tribute to the memory of Baek, saying they will restore democracy and justice after deporting the murderous regime true to the spirit of the late and write a new history of a reunified nation vibrant with democracy, justice, people’s well-being and peace.
A memorial service took place at the Myeongdong Cathedral. The funeral procession marched towards the crossroads to the entrance of the Jongro District Office where Baek fell down due to the police suppression.
The funeral procession carried placards written “Put an end to violence” and “Step down, the murderous regime” and eighty elegies demanding the punishment of those responsible for Baek’s death.
On Nov. 6, Baek was laid in Mangwol-dong cemetery where the uprisers of Gwangju popular resistance are interred.
Though he fell asleep, a new democratic society free from suppression he desired would be built without fail through unyielding action of the south Korean people.

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