Thursday, 10 November 2016

Speech of KFA Poland to the KFA International Meeting 5.11.2016

Dear Comrades and Friends,
I am really glad to see you all here and being able to participate in this important KFA Meeting. First of all, I wish to thank Comrade Andreas from KFA Ireland for organizing the meeting and inviting me.
My name is Lukasz Mrozek and I am an official delegate of the KFA in Poland. I’ve been a delegate of KFA almost four years. Poland is a country that has a long history of cooperation and friendship with the DPRK. Poland, the Soviet Union and China were the first three countries that recognized the DPRK in the international arena. Dear Comrade President Kim Il Sung visited Poland twice during his life.
When the U.S. imperialists provoked a war on the Korean Peninsula, Poland had  strongly condemned this barbaric act of aggression and as the fraternal socialist assistance we sent doctors to the DPRK.
The Polish branch of the Korean Friendship Association is making permanent and tireless efforts to promote Polish-Korean friendship and solidarity with the Korean people. We are also showing to Poles the true face of the Democratic People's Republic of Korea. We constantly fight for a good name of President Kim Il Sung, Leader Kim Jong Il and dear Marshal Kim Jong Un.
Currently we have two websites - official KFA Poland webpage and based on Korean culture ExploreDPRK webpage. We also have accounts on various social networking sites. Our Internet activity is regular and is very popular at home and abroad. We led permanent cooperation with the DPRK Embassy in Poland and the Korean committee for cultural relations with foreign countries and other Korean organizations.
Furthermore we organize seminars and meetings on the occasion of various Korean anniversaries, welcome the Korean delegation in Poland, for example. this month there was DPRK delegation in Poland, and carry out various projects in cooperation with the Embassy and the Committee.
As the topic of today's meeting is the great men of Mt. Paektu, I would like to say a few words about them. All my work and interest in the DPRK began with the great works of President Kim Il Sung and Leader Kim Jong Il. Their life and work are great and immortal, and are a role model for all progressive people around the world. Currently, a great follower of their work is dear Marshal Kim Jong Un, who is a great strategist and outstanding leader of the Korean nation.
We in Poland very well understand the Korean people. Korea and Poland share many things. For example, we have a very similar history. Both our countries had to face with the imperialist and fascist aggressors, overcame the burden of occupation and devoted a lot for freedom.
Unfortunately, Poland has become a typically fascist country. In those difficult times, many of us see in the ideas of the President and Kim Jong Il a way to freedom and independence and our hope for a better future. Their ideas are like a huge lantern showing the light of freedom in the darkness of oppression.
We will always be inspired by the immortal deeds of President Kim Il Sung, the Beloved Leader Kim Jong Il and respected Marshal Kim Jong Un and great achievements of the Korean nation.
Currently both countries, Korea and Poland, have a difficult task of defeating fascism. South Korea is currently the habitat of fascism and is the US puppet. Korean people must by their own efforts overtake the puppet fascist rulers of South Korea and unite the country.
We believe that under the strong and experienced leadership of Marshal Kim Jong Una, Korea finally will be unite and the Korean people will finally be enjoyed freedom and independence, such as the Koreans in the DPRK.
Long Live Marshall Kim Jong Un!
Long Live the DPRK!
Long Live the KFA!

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