Thursday, 10 November 2016

Message from KFA Arabia to KFA International Meeting 5.11.2016

Dear comrades and participants,
First of all I would like to apologize for not being able to attend this KFA meeting.
It gives me a great pleasure to extend my congratulations to all of you my KFA comrades for your hard work and contributions to support the DPRK and its people, we have been making significant progress in showing the true bright image of the DPRK that the imperialists try to hide, this significant progress has been shown by the repetitive attacks and irresponsible statements from the south Korean puppet media and the US, in which the least of our work like YouTube videos have been stricken with false copyright claims by south Korean major media companies like KBS and Channel A in order to delete them from social media.
I would also like to honor and express the humblest tribute to our Marshall KIM JONG UN who works hard with heart and soul for the the happiness, prosperity harmony peace and sovereignty of the Korean people and here I would like to point out the revolutionary activities that recently took place in the DPRK such as the reconstruction and rescue of the flood-hit areas in the northern part of the DPRK which illustrated the single hearted unity of the popular masses and their coherence under the banner of the Juche Idea and it's also worth noting the massively successful streets project and the Important increase in the economic sector especially in iron production, plastic and clothing which the Rason free trade zone has enriched a lot.
The symbolic and compelling success of the DPRK as a sovereign independent state is being attacked by the imperialists who stubbornly try to describe the DPRK as the "dangerous nuclear threat to the world" and bawling to put sanctions under the United Nations name, while they are the real threat to world peace and this has been confirmed by the recent hypocrisy in UN vote on banning Nuclear Weapons, where all the Nuclear Powers including the US and the UK voted against this decision except the DPRK, which is the only nuclear power who voted in favor of banning nuclear weapons.
The US does not seek to bring peace to the world at all, while trying to stifle the DPRK by mobilizing all its nuclear property and accuse the DPRK of being the "Dangerous threat to world peace", and worse than that, imposing sanctions and allegedly manipulating the international community. Its true intention of these attacks is that the DPRK presents a major obstacle in achieving the US strategy for "world domination," and it's the DPRK that proves the inevitable destruction of capitalism after majestically uprising as an invincible socialist bulwark in the East.
In the context of world peace, there is an oblivious fact given to humanity and which was experienced by the Korean people while suffering from Nuclear threats from the US, in which the real peace, lasting peace on its own that humans want, cannot be achieved without a capable self-protection force. It is unreasonable to confront a thieve with an iron truncheon, with branches of a willow tree. For this reason, the DPRK repels US Imperialists with fair nuclear power to protect its sovereignty, the people's happiness, peace in the region and the world.
We in the KFA highly support the anti-Imperialist and revolutionary activities led by our Marshall KIM JONG UN, carrying the legacy of the Generalissimos, unified with the popular masses and achieve the genuine development under the Juche idea, the idea of independence.
I would like to take the opportunity and point out President Alejandro's suggestion of organizing the next KFA International meeting in Tetouan, Morocco. I am welcoming all of you fellow comrades here and I guarantee that it will be a great experience which will take our Association to another level. Now that I represent the KFA in Arab countries, we are contributing more and more into showing the suppressed bright reality of the DPRK, KFA Arabia is growing quickly and our voice is being heard by hundreds and hundreds of people in all Arab countries considerably: Morocco, Egypt, Syria, Iraq, Algeria and Libya. I hope you accept President Alejandro's suggestion as it will help develop the KFA a lot.
KFA Arabia is making quality content for its Arab audience in Arabic, from news and articles to documentaries and songs. We upload content regularly and almost on a daily basis, our database has at least 150 videos and about 50 long live streams, which almost reached 10,000 views in total between all social media in less than a year. Thanks to the work my general secretary Mr.Islam Ouahouda and I are putting. I also want to note that KFA Arabia will soon become a legal association under the law of the Moroccan kingdom and we are launching the long awaited KFA Arabia website in the next couple of months. We are looking to further cooperate with all KFA departments, together we can do better.
With all due respect, accept from me my sincere and honest salutations.
Yours respectfully,
KFA OD Arabia.
Tetouan, 4th of November 2016

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