Sunday, 13 November 2016

Ebullitions of Anger

There took place the second all-people candlelit rallies under the sponsorship of the 2016 Headquarters for People's All-out Action on Nov. 5. Participating in those actions were members of various organizations including civic and religious circles, citizens, students, pupils of secondary and high schools, children with their parents, lawmakers from opposition parties, more than 300 000 in all from different parts of south Korea.
More than 200 000 people launched the second candlelit rally in demand of Park Geun-hye’s resignation in Seoul with an inflexible will to punish Park who is forsaken by the public feelings.
Literally, Seoul was a sea of candles and people.
The candlelit rally was held into two parts.
In the first part, the head of Gyeonggi branch under the Korean Teachers and Education Workers Union, chairmen of the General Student Council of Ehwa Women's University, Seoul National University, co-representative of the student association composed of sixty-nine general student councils, professors, students, public servants and religious men made remarks.
They said that even students issued declarations on the current situation and sang songs in demand of Park’s resignation in their classrooms.
Comparing the present nationwide rally with the revolution, they noted that they should overthrow the Park regime and build a society where the people are master in the spirit of the youth who took the lead in anti-Japanese resistance in the past and the April 19 popular uprising.
They stressed that they should remove the president but also eradicate large illegal and corrupted elements in the background root and branch.
They called for the people to remove the regime to make a society where people lead a worthwhile life.
After the rally, the participants staged a demonstration.
Thousands of riot policemen of 223 companies set up walls of bus to quell them.
They marched through the streets, carrying placards and chanting slogans in demand of Park’s resignation.
After the demo, they launched the second part of the rally.
Broad segments of people took the floor and said the resignation of Park is impossible through a political means but only powerful people’s volition will make it possible.
A people’s declaration in demand of Park’s resignation was read out in the rally.
They chanted slogans demanding Park’s resignation.
After the rally, they vehemently denounced the monopolization of administration by Park Geun-hye group.
On the same day, the second all-people gatherings and candlelit rallies were held simultaneously in Busan and across south Korea.
The south Korean mass media and people of every degree described that the current situation has much in common with the April 19 revolution in the 1960s and the June popular resistance in the 1980s, commenting Park’s resignation is a matter of time.
The Park regime’s downfall has begun by the nationwide action of south Korean people.

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