Thursday, 24 November 2016

Fourth all-people candlelit action

Fourth all-people candlelit action
The fourth all-people rally was launched all at once throughout south Korea on Nov. 19 under the sponsorship of the Emergency People's Action for Ouster of the Park Geun-hye Regime made up of over 1 550 civic bodies.
1.1 million broad spectrum of people took part in the rally to strongly demand Park’s resignation.
Labor organizations, student’s councils, political parties and religionist’s organizations held rallies satirizing and ridiculing Park while shouting slogans demanding Park's resignation in different parts of the city. They marched along the Gwanghwamun Plaza.
The full-dress rally with 500 000 people attending had its number increased to more than 740 000 as the people took part in the rally on their own initiatives.
The participants strongly denounced Park for refusing to face the prosecution's investigation under unreasonable pretexts.
A performance was given in the wake of video criticizing the current government’s anti-popular policy was screened.
After the rally, they marched towards Cheongwadae, chanting slogans “Surround Cheongwadae”, “Park, out” and “Resign, it is the order of people”.
They marched along the place where it is hundreds meters far away from Cheongwadae.
At 10 P.M, they portrayed a wave of candlelight with joint action, chanting slogans demanding Park’s resignation to the voice of the participants.
Meanwhile, there took place similar rallies and demonstrations all at once in local major and minor cities and other places across south Korea with more than 400 000 people involved.
About 100 000 people took part in the rally carrying candlelight in their hands which was held under the sponsorship of the Gwangju Citizens Movement Headquarters for the Resignation of Park Geun-hye
In Daegu, the birthplace of Park and her political hub, a rally took place under the sponsorship of the Daegu emergency committee for Park’s resignation grouping 71 civic organizations including the Participatory Solidarity with more than 15 000 people involved.
20 000 inhabitants in Busan held a candlelit demo in demand of Park’s resignation and the Daejeon movement headquarters for Park’s retirement had a meeting to demand withdrawal of Park and Saenuri Party.
They expressed their will to launch uninterrupted candlelight action if Park shows no sign of resignation.

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