Monday, 7 November 2016

Nationwide campaign for Park’s resignation

Nationwide campaign for Parks resignation
South Korean people’s actions for ostracizing corrupted and murderous Park Geun-hye regime are getting fiercer across south Korea.
On Oct. 27, fifty four political parties and civic organizations in South Chungcheong Province called a press conference at which they strongly demanded a thorough investigation of Choi Soon-sil gate and resignation of Park Geun-hye.
Two headquarters composed of 30 civic organizations held a news conference to urge Park to resign as she plunged south Korea into a chaos unprecedented in history.
A rally took place in Ulsan in demand of Park’s resignation on Oct. 29 with attendance of 1 000 people including residents, students and workers.
The head of Ulsan headquarters of the Korean Confederation of Trade Unions said that the people never allowed Choi to take part in the state affairs, the president herself destroyed the public system, she should report the cessation of administration of the regime, we never tolerate the monopolization of state affairs of Park who ignored people’s suffering caused by economic slump and we should punish her by concerted action of the people.
They, through a resolution, asserted that they would launch a vigorous action for resignation of Park and hold a rally for restoration of national sovereignty on Nov. 12 in Seoul.
On the same day, a civic organization held a rally at a plaza to demand Park’s resignation and the whole cabinet reshuffle.
The key to solution of the scandal, quite different to the scandals of past regimes, is the resignation of the president and the whole cabinet reshuffle, the evidences of Choi’s interference in the state affairs have been disclosed in a row, Park and her close attendants should be purged, they denounced.
A civic body in Incheon, in its press release issued on Oct. 30, said that Park should resign from a sense of responsibility for Choi’s interference in the state affairs.
The approval rating for Park Geun-hye has rapidly sunk to 10 percent the lowest after her inauguration, according to a recent opinion poll.  In particular, Daegu and North Gyeongsang Province, a foothold of Park, the aged over 60s and the conservatives, so-called undisputed force turned their backs to her.
The recent opinion poll implies Park is out of public feelings.

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