Saturday, 12 November 2016

KCNA Commentary on Park Geun Hye's Moves to Tide over Crisis

    Pyongyang, November 12 (KCNA) -- The Park Geun Hye group of traitors are making desperate efforts to seek a way out of the worst crisis in history.
    Days ago, traitor Park Geun Hye vociferated about the "story of threat from the north" and the puppet military brass hats of south Korea ceaselessly toured the areas along the Military Demarcation Line to talk about "provocation by the north," "immediate counteraction" and "principle of 'taking measure first and making report next'" while getting frantic with the confrontation rackets by intentionally spreading the story of "security crisis".
    This is nothing but a trite method of the Park's group to ratchet up the tension with the north and lead it to "provocation" and rapidly escalate the north-south confrontation with it as pretence so as to divert elsewhere the attention of the public focused on her scandal.
    Now Park Geun Hye has been driven into the inescapable abyss of ruin after the disclosure of the extra-large power-related "Park Geun Hye-Choe Sun Sil scandal."
    She is at the crossroads of whether she will have to step down of her own accord or be impeached. This is the unavoidable fate of Park who resorted to unpopular and traitorous rule.
    During her office, she spent her days by creating social crisis through the "story of threat from the north" aimed to intentionally stir up the "security" mentality of the south Korean people whenever she was driven into the extreme ruling crisis.
    When all the south Koreans were angry and launched candlelight actions over the ferry Sewol disaster, the Park's group made a preemptive attack on the north in the hotspot waters in the West Sea of Korea and ran amuck to brand the north as a "provoker".
    South Korean people well know that a door of toilet found in a mountain was branded as a "drone from the north" and a vacuum flask found in the sea as "shell of the north" to shield the "government".
    No one can vouch that Park Geun Hye, hit hard from all sides, will not seek a way out in such reckless military provocation as "immediate counteraction" in reliance on the puppet military authorities.
    Whenever she was driven into the cliff by hideous cases including Jong Yun Hoe's interference in the state affairs and Song Wan Jong incident, she let the puppet military authorities to take the lead in the "security crisis" rackets.
    All kinds of joint military drills were staged timed to coincide with the crisis and the U.S. strategic nuclear submarine equipped with nuclear warheads was introduced into south Korea. These are by no means accidental.
    Now all Koreans are heightening vigilance against the moves of Park Geun Hye and the puppet military group to reverse the situation by the reckless "shocking method".
    The foolish moves to tide over the crisis will precipitate the miserable ruin. -0-

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