Wednesday, 16 November 2016

KCNA Commentary Blasts Park and "Saenuri Party" for Trying to Seek Way out

 Pyongyang, November 16 (KCNA) -- Traitor Park Geun Hye breathing her last after the revelation of the hideous political scandal is trying to seek a way out by putting forward the "Saenuri Party".
    Gentries of the "Saenuri Party" are trying to calm down the angry public with such excuses as "prompt and thorough-going probe into the truth" and claiming that "prevention of the suspension of state administration is a priority". They are employing all sorts of sleight of hand while crying out for "listening to various voices with attention" and "supra-partisan cooperation from opposition parties".
    This is nothing but a crafty trick to help Park escape impeachment and get rid of abyss of total ruin by deceiving the enraged public and putting under control the situation by coaxing the opposition parties under the cloak of "keeping the administration afloat".
    But with no rhetoric can Park and the "Saenuri Party" cover up their crimes nor can they escape a stern punishment by the public.
    Shaman Choe Sun Sil manipulated Park as a puppet and monopolized the south Korean politics. This shocking fact has touched off astonishment and anger of the broad segment of the people.
    The public also turned their back on the "Saenuri Party", a despicable group of accomplices as it acted a guard and shield of Chongwadae while conniving at the arbitrary practices of Park and Choe even though it was well aware of the shaman's manipulation of politics.
    The south Koreans are demanding impeachment of Park and dissolution of the "Saenuri Party" irrespective of affiliation, political view, religious belief, gender, age, residence, while becoming increasingly vocal holding that "not only Choe but also Park and the 'Saenuri Party' which helped her should be accountable for the scandal".
    The third all-people action "Let us gather, get angered and bring down Park" which was held across south Korea on Nov. 12 showed the public mindset never to pardon the dictatorial rule, corrupt politics.
    Despite the gravity of the situation, Park and gentries of the "Saenuri Party" are running the whole gamut of gimmicks to escape impeachment and maintain their position as a ruling party, far from lending an ear to the public voice.
    While trying to direct the focus of the scandal to Choe with such talk as "acceptance of special investigation," they are trumpeting about "operation of Trump emergency system" and "supra-partisan counteraction for settling security and economic issues" in a bid to use even the U.S. presidential election as an emergency measure.
    Park and gentries of the "Saenuri Party" are still resorting to dirty farce even today when they are sentenced to death by the public. This is an open challenge to the public and little short of adding to the crimes it has already committed.
    But no power can quell the public mindset.
    Park and the "Saenuri Party" are bound to get buried for ever by the strong waves of resistance by the united south Koreans for their crimes against the people and the nation. -0-

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