Wednesday, 2 November 2016

“Step Down, Park Geun-hye!”

Eventually, the “Choi Soon-sil gate” touched off public criticism.
Choi, who had intimate relations with Park from 37 years ago, interfered in state affairs by examining and correcting speeches of the president, issues of politics, diplomacy, military, economy and inter-Korean ties after Park Geun-hye took the presidency. Choi played an active part in the background on the appointment of ministers and vice ministers and business matter.
Embarrassed by skyrocketing public anger, Park Geun-hye made an insincere apology to the people and admitted Choi 's rectification of her speech in the press conference on Oct. 25 only to spark off negative backlash.
A candlelit rally took place in Seoul on Oct. 29 with the participation of fifty thousand people to demand resignation of Park.
Participated in the rally were workers, civic organizations, students, pupils, youth, citizens and even young children.
The participants said that the people are surprised at the fact that Park has been fooled by a humble woman.
Park should not put the people into the turmoil of pain and step down without delay, the head of Catholic Peasants Association noted.
A resident said that he took part in the rally with his family unable to repress their sad feeling.
Mayor of Seongnam, Lee Jae-myung asserted that Park is not the president anymore and advised her to go home after resigning from her office.
They chanted slogans demanding the resignation of Park throughout the rally and parade.
After the rally, they assembled in Gwanghwagmun street to march toward the Cheongwadae.
Eight thousand riot policemen of seventy companies blocked the rally and parade on that day.
Rallies in demand of Park’s resignation took place in Seoul and across south Korea.
The People’s Struggle Headquarters declared that it would hold candlelit rally every evening from November 1 to 12 to demand a thorough investigation of the scandal.
It noted that it would hold a large-scale candlelit rally on Nov. 12 and put Park in the dock of history.
The actions of the broad segment of south Korea people to punish Park, who plunged south Korea into a worst crisis with her incompetence and ignorance, are expanding throughout south Korea.

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