Monday, 7 November 2016

An ultimatum from people

An ultimatum from people
Fierce actions of south Korean people from various circles against Park Geun-hye are brisk.
A committee composed of 29 civic organizations including the April 16 Solidarity, the Headquarters of Struggle for Baek Nam-gi and the Solidarity for Progress called a news conference in Seoul on Nov. 1 to issue an ultimatum to Park Geun-hye.
They warned Park, the source of all responsibility related to the present critical situation, to resign from the presidency of her own accord until Nov. 12. They expressed their will to bring down the Park regime without fail through a nationwide action if Park declines to lend an ear to the people’s voice.
On Nov. 2, Seoul mayor Park Won-soon and former head of the People’s Party An Churl-soo in their statements at a press conference urged Park to resign immediately as she lost authority and trust by state anarchy, economic debacle, wretched livelihood and frayed inter-Korean ties. Two men noted they would take part in candlelit rally with the people.
On Nov. 2, four academic bodies hold a news conference to demand apology from and resignation of Park.
On the same day, the student across south Korea opened an inaugural ceremony on the current situation.
The head of General Student Council of Ehwa Woman’s University said more than 100 universities released declarations on current situation, adding that Park is better to leave her office as the students, youth and people do not accept her as the president.
1 553 civic organizations including the April 16 Solidarity proposed people’s action in demand of Park’s resignation at a rally on Nov. 2.
Park Geun-hye is reduced into a do-nothing president by strong actions of the south Korean people of every degree to resign Park and her fate is numbered.

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