Thursday, 10 November 2016

Message from KFA Spain to the KFA International Meeting in Dublin 5.11.2016

On behalf of the Spanish branch of the KFA, I would like to send our best wishes to all the attendants, and our most appreciation for the organization to all the comrades from Ireland. I am sure that the meeting will be of great success, so we can then better continue our noble work in defense of the Democratic People's Republic of Korea and Juche Socialism. I also wanted to express, after recent events, our strong support and solidarity with our comrade Alejandro, we will always be with him. I visited the DPRK last September, sharing the travel with comrade Mr. Dermot Hudson. I must say that it has been the best experience of my life. I met a strong and happy people, very nice indeed, and witnessed the great achievements and advances of Songun Korea, correctly guided by Dear Marshal KIM JONG UN and the Workers' Party of Korea, and defended by the People's Army. They deserve our unconditional defense, as an example to be followed by the progressive peoples of the world. This is our commitment, our mission. Long live the DPRK, the Korean Masses, the Workers' Party and the People's Army! Long live forever President KIM IL SUNG, Leader KIM JONG IL and Marshal KIM JONG UN! Mikel Vivanko Official Delegate KFA - Spain."

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