Monday, 7 November 2016


Comrade Chairman
Firstly, it is great to be here at this international meeting of the Korean Friendship Association being held here in the capital of the Republic of Ireland, Dublin. It is indeed very fitting that this meeting should be held here in Ireland because of the long association of the Irish people with the struggle for independence something that they share in common with the great people of the DPRK .Ireland like Korea is divided by imperialism. As the great leader President Kim Il Sung said “both the Korean people and the Irish people have a bitter past when they were oppressed and maltreated under the colonial rule of the imperialists”
I am very sure that this KFA international meeting like all KFA international meetings will prove invaluable to the vital work of defending the DPRK. Indeed KFA is the sword and shield of People’s Korea in the imperialist West .The KFA does what it says on the tin, it defends the D P R Korea. No ifs or buts but total unconditional solidarity with the DPRK. This earns KFA the hostility and enmity of certain powerful forces and even some so-called “friends “of the DPRK. To attack KFA is to attack the DPRK itself.
It is good to see old friends here as well as new friends and I look forward to sharing experiences with other participants.
  I would briefly like to pay tribute to the KFA President Alejandro Cao De Benos who is a man of great principle and courage. This year he has had to withstand all kinds of attacks of the worst kind but has kept going despite these attacks.
Next year 2017 will see the 105th birth anniversary of the great leader year 2017 marks the 105th birth anniversary of President Kim Il Sung, the 75th birth anniversary of leader Kim Jong Il and the 5th anniversary of Marshal Kim Jong Un's election to the top posts of the party and state of the DPRK. It will also be the 100th anniversary of the birth of the immortal anti-Japanese women heroine Madame Kim Jong Suk who was the pioneer of the Juche-orientated women’s liberation movement.

  President Kim Il Sung , Chairman Kim Jong Il and Marshal Kim Jong Un are the great generals of Mt Paektu.
 The great leader President Kim Il Sung led the anti-imperialist national liberation struggle of the Korean people against Japanese imperialism and won independence for the Korean people. They became masters of their own destiny .President Kim Il Sung authored the Juche Idea the acme of progressive ideas of humanity.  He was the founder of the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea and the founder of the great Workers’ Party of Korea .Throughout his life President Kim Il Sung was a tireless fighter against US imperialism and also against modern revisionism. President Kim Il Sung was indeed a giant of the international communist movement and its elder statesman. He established an advanced socialist system in Korea centred upon the popular masses making Korea into the model country of socialism. President Kim Il Sung was the greatest of great leaders.
  Chairman Kim Jong Il systematised the Juche idea . He built up the Workers Party of Korea as the party of the great leader President Kim Il Sung . Chairman Kim Jong Il , another general of Mt Paektu started the Songun –based revolutionary leadership  in 1960 and administered  Songun politics. Saying  expect No Change from me” he made sure that Korea held high the Red flag of socialism when socialism collapsed. Under the leadership of the great leader Chairman  Kim Jong Il  the DPRK became a proud independent nuclear power – and let me take this opportunity to point out to the moronic imperialist warmonger Obama  that the DPRK’s nuclear deterrent exists whether he recognises it or not !- and the DPRK became a satellite launching nation.
  The Songun revolutionary cause and Juche revolutionary cause of the great leaders President Kim Il Sung and Chairman Kim Jong Il is today continued by the dear respected leader Marshal Kim Jong Un , the Chairman of the Workers’ Party of Korea . Dear respected Marshal Kim Jong Un who embodies the true  Paektu spirit  is leading the Korean revolution forward at Mallima speed by applying the self-development first idea and the revolutionary spirit of self-reliance .
The legacy of the great generals of Mt Paektu is today’s People’s Korea led by dear respected Marshal Kim Jong Un . During my 3 recent visits in October 2015, April 2016 and September 2016 I saw the reality of Korean style socialism for myself and the great advances that are being made in all fields such as the impressive construction of Ryomyong Street . I was proud to be in the DPRK in September when the nuclear warhead was successfully tested on the 9th of September DPRK National Day and there was the successful test of the road launched ICBM.
UK KFA will conduct vigorous activities in 2017 to honour the great generals of Mt Paektu. We believe that this a vital task when the pressure and sanctions of the US imperialists and their lackey states becomes more intense , solidarity with People's Korea becomes the order of the day and celebrating the keynote anniversaries of the DPRK assumes a greater significance We believe it is conducive to defending the DPRK against imperialist attacks.
Let do more to publicise the true reality of People’s Korea! Let’s publicise the great achievements made by the great leaders President Kim IL Sung, Chairman Kim Jong IL and dear respected Marshal Kim Jong Un!

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