Monday, 21 November 2016

Call a spade a spade , a puppet a puppet and a fascist a fascist

  The British left have woken up to the struggles of the south Korean people against the utterly corrupt and decadent south Korean puppet fascist regime of Park Geun Hye. However some people have failed to expose the puppet nature and fascist nature of south Korea.
 The south Korean puppet entity was a creation of the US who occupied south Korea in 1945 and to this day  south Korea is a puppet of the US. Operational Command of the south Korean armed forces is in the hands of the US . Over 30,000 US troops occupy south Korea and commit all sorts of crimes.
It is the US who decide who is president of south Korea. If the US decides that Park is a liability and must be go , then this is what will happen.Park's father was assassinated by his own spy chief on US orders because he had become a liability to them
  Make no mistake south Korea is fascist. A regime that dissolves a political party with elected representatives and jails trade union leaders is a FASCIST regime end of story. Anti-fascists should be campaigning against south Korea.
  If the US decide to keep Park in power we will probably see martial law in south Korea plus massive anti-DPRK provocations.
 British progressive should support  Anti-Imperialist National Democratic Front , the true voice of the south Korean revolution which was founded in 1969 as the Revolutionary Party for Reunification.

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