Wednesday, 30 November 2016

KCNA Commentary Hits Political Charlatans for Defending Park Geun Hye More Dead Than Alive

Pyongyang, November 30 (KCNA) -- A pro-Park Geun Hye group within the "Saenuri Party" of south Korea is going on the rampage. They speak for traitor Park without reason, categorically rejecting the results of the mid-term investigation made public by the prosecution.
    The investigation results branded Park as the main culprit. However, the pro-Park group described the results as the "ones reading the face of the public without any principle and belief" and claimed that "the investigation made the president a victim."
    The pro-Park group of the "Saenuri Party" is making a counterattack, terming the anti-Park group's demand for the "president's" withdrawal from the party and its leadership's resignation "political corruption" and "baseless political offensive".
    Such action as desperately defending her is a blatant challenge to the public mindset and a foolish one revealing itself that they are accomplices in the worst political scandal. This only arouses extreme antipathy.
    It is the "Saenuri Party" that created the present worst chaos by conniving at and fostering the witch politics. It is again the pro-Park group that has grown corpulent, enjoying privileges thanks to the scandal-ridden politics.
    The pro-Park group is busy painting her as a "victim of the undeserved punishment", covering up their own crimes and asking for "not harshly treating the president".
    The "Saenuri Party's" desperate bid to shield Park is intended to give a shot in the arm of Park in an effort to stem the trend of the situation and prolong the remaining days of the ruling party.
    However, this is nothing but the last-ditch attempt of the servants of Chongwadae's old woman who are ignorant of how things are going in the world.
    The south Korean society is terribly stunned by the announcement of the results of investigation.
    Park's involvement in the overall scandal has been confirmed by undeniable evidence and new scams are being brought to light one after another.
    The prosecution warned that if the recorded conversation between Park and former assistant secretary of Chongwadae related to the monopolization of "administration" was opened to pubic just for ten seconds, candlelight would turn into torches. This proves that the crimes of Park are beyond human imagination.
    It is by no means fortuitous that the south Korean people from all walks of life are condemning the scandal as "Park Geun Hye Gate," not "Choe Sun Sil Gate."
    However, Ri Jong Hyon, representative of the "Saenuri Party", and other riffraff are silly enough to praise her as a "woman who has no self-interest and selfish desire" and the "president is trustworthy."
    Such foolish action will only lead to their ruin.
    It is not far off when the above-said party and Park will face a stern judgment. -0

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