Thursday, 24 November 2016

Park Geun-hye, a schizophrenic

The fact that Park Geun-hye has suffered mental trouble for decades gives a shock to the world at a time when south Korea is driven to a predicament by “Park Geun-hye and Choi Soon-sil scandal”.
The south Korean homepage Surprise on Nov. 7 said that it has had doubt on Park’s preposterous remarks, and continued.
Since her parents’ untimely death, she has led a solitary life without contacts with outside world, consequently, she has had symptom of autism.
She has been on pins and needles when she is asked matters related to her and has nicknames long ago as she is inflammable. 
It is not surprising that Park left her soul to shaman Choi Soo-sil.
There are symptoms of impediment in her communication, sentiment, thinking, speech, memory and inter-personal relation. It shows that her disease is incurable.
It is common knowledge that a psychopath must be isolated as he or she is classified into a potential criminal. 
It is inevitable that south Korea has turned into a kettle of fish as Park with an abnormal mentality assumes power, the homepage concluded.
According to a south Korean vernacular paper, a former professor of psychology at Yonsei University on Nov. 4 graded Park’s mentality in her teens.  
Compared with those who participated in social life, Park’s mental age is no more than seventeen or eighteen and it has no sign of development, he said. 
He pronounced it is called unfledged growth or development disturbance. 
A car under control of a demented person is perilous.
South Korea being steered by Park is dashing forward to the infernal regions.

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