Thursday, 10 November 2016

Speech of Andreas Engstrom KFA Ireland to KFA International Meeting Dublin 5.11.2016

Dear Comrades,

I’d love to welcome you all to 2016’s international KFA conference.
It is a great honour to have you all here this year on our organisation’s 16th annual meeting.

2016 is also the one-hundred anniversary of the Easter Rising – 1916 was the year the Irish people rebelled against British imperialism.

The Korean people are well aware of the hardships that their Irish brothers-in-arms have endured over the century as they have for a long time been fighting imperialism, long before the DPRK born.

So, until this day, both Ireland and Korea are divided at the hands of imperialism.

Over the years our organisation have been viciously attacked by reactionaries. Every year there are always lots of minor, and a few major, attacks on us, and this year’s worse attack is the accusations aimed towards our President Alejandro.

The Spanish fascist authorities are not letting him leave the country, restricting his movement of freedom, accusing him for a crime he have not committed.

No matter what, our great organization always goes out stronger. Stronger than ever every time. No matter how heinous the acts of our enemies are, they are loosing credibility and we’re winning. We’re always winning.

As you know, the leadership of the DPRK is constantly mocked and ridiculed by the imperialist media, but what is worth laughing at is that the puppet fascist regime in the south have secretly been ruled by a witch.

The DPRK have also been accused of having concentration camps, but this year it also appeared that was a crime that south Korea was carrying out against the people as late as in the 1980’s. The satisfaction of actually proving that south Korea commits the crimes that they accuse the DPRK of is priceless.

Maybe one day, they will understand that we’re right and that they are wrong, but until then, keep on with the good job.

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