Sunday, 6 November 2016

KCNA Commentary Assails German Chancellor's Anti-DPRK Remarks

    Pyongyang, November 5 (KCNA) -- German Chancellor Merkel when receiving "Seoul Peace Prize" from the south Korean puppet forces on Nov. 2 talked nonsense about the DPRK, according to press reports.
    She was reported to have said "north Korea has threatened neighboring countries with nuclear tests and missile launches for several years" and "the north Korean leadership is challenging the international community in defiance of international law."
    If this is true, it seems she who claims to be chancellor of Germany styling itself a big power in Europe is not aware well of the essence of the situation on the Korean peninsula or she just parroted other's words.
    It is a well-known fact that the DPRK was compelled to opt for having access to nuclear weapons because it had to protect the nation's right to existence, the sovereignty of the country and peace of the region from the nuclear blackmail and potential threat of a nuclear war posed to it by the U.S. for decades.
    It is not the DPRK that defies international law but it is the U.S. and its followers that are resorting to unprecedented sanctions and blockade to exterminate a nation in defiance of the UN Charter and the fundamental principles of international relations for the mere reason that it is not obedient to them.
    This being a hard fact, Merkel known for "firm abidance to principle and cool-headedness" uttered something quite contrary to facts. We can not but take note of this.
    Choe Sun Sil who is no more than an old witch had allegedly controlled the south Korean cultural field and had her hand stretched to Germany. This arouses suspicion about her behind-the-scene manipulation of the recent awarding of the "prize" to the German chancellor.
    It seemed that Merkel read something written by Choe at the awarding ceremony.
    Germany had better properly grasp the essence of the situation and behave itself, far from fanning up the escalation of tension on the Korean peninsula through the sale of war means such as Taurus missile to south Korea. -0

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