Sunday, 13 November 2016

Traitorous agreement on protecting military intelligence

The Park Geun-hye clique has gone reckless in the move to conclude agreement on protecting military intelligence with Japan.
The south Korean belligerent military authorities justify their pro-Japanese sycophant act, clamoring about exchange of military information with Japan to cope with “threat of north Korea’s nuclear weapons and missiles” cannot be delayed any longer.
On Nov. 1, the south Korean authorities concluded the main contents of the agreement on protecting military intelligence with Japan through the second working consultative meeting with Japan.
Such action is a sycophantic and traitorous act never to be pardoned as it allows the sworn-enemy Japanese militarists to stage a comeback to Korea and means zealous involvement in the creation of the triangular military alliance with the US, south Korea and Japan.
It would escalate the tension on the Korean Peninsula and in the rest of Northeast Asia and increase the danger of a nuclear war against the DPRK.
It is a cynical ploy to divert elsewhere the attention of the angry public strongly demanding the resignation of traitor Park Geun-hye and tide over ever-worsening ruling crisis.
The south Korean people of all social standings and opposition parties have offered strong opposition to the agreement with Japan as it is a sinister political greed.
On Nov. 9, the opposition parties asserted that the agreement permits the Japanese government to exercise the right to collective self-defense on the Korean Peninsula without restraint. It tightens the US-led missile defense cooperation between south Korea, the US and Japan, they added. They showed deep concern that it would aggravate uncertainty of the regional order and heighten instability of the Korean Peninsula. 162 lawmakers of the opposition parties submitted a motion for giving up agreement with Japan to the national assembly

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