Thursday, 24 November 2016

KCNA Commentary Ridicules S. Korean Puppet Foreign Ministry's Farces to Improve External Image of Park Geun Hye

    Pyongyang, November 24 (KCNA) -- Gentries of the south Korean puppet Foreign Ministry are making desperate efforts to improve "the external image of traitor Park Geun Hye by arranging "summit talks" and meetings with ambassadors, although she is no more than "vegetable president" unable to chair even a "state council meeting," threatened with impeachment.
    In the meantime, they are trying hard to calm down the angry public, raising a hue and cry over "serious foreign exchange problem" and "diplomatic vacuum" caused by the results of the U.S. presidential election.
    This is nothing but "diplomacy to help Park Geun Hye survive," a clear indication of the wretched plight of the despicable group of accomplices making last-ditch efforts to tide over the worst crisis.
    Great irony is that mandarins of the puppet Foreign Ministry are foolish enough to shied and patronize Park though they have become a laughing stock of the international community due to the shaman's diplomacy.
    As a matter of fact, the south Korean Foreign Ministry is nothing but a servant and puppet of the green shaman as its mandarins have been busy with diplomacy in the international arena at the instructions of "the night president" Choe Sun Sil, not of Park Geun Hye.
    They begged for "cooperation" in ratcheting up sanctions and pressure on the DPRK worldwide after Choe Sun Sil made superstitious prophecy "collapse of the north". They turned all sorts of diplomatic schedules including itineraries of foreign tours and summit talks and signing of various agreements into the shaman's silly rites.
    Now some countries and high dignitaries are experiencing hot agony of shame after dealing with Park Geun Hye who talked about "aid" and "cooperation" according to the foolish diplomacy of the shaman.
    Nothing is more foolhardy than the attitude of Park trying hard to resume her diplomacy at a time when even neighboring countries are turning their backs on her, stunned by the fact that they have dealt so far with Choe Sun Sil, not with the south Korean "president".
    That was why Park was not in a position to take part in the APEC summit for the first time in history as nobody was willing to deal with "the president with 5 percent support rate" and "criminal president". This is the present picture of south Korean diplomacy driven into a tight corner.
    Precisely for this reason experts in the fields of unification, diplomacy and security of south Korea issued a declaration on the situation demanding the ministry give up at once "shameful diplomacy." They claimed that if the "president," who brought about chaos of unification, diplomacy and security, persistently works to control diplomacy, she will not be able to escape catastrophe.
    Yun Pyong Se and other confidants of Park Geun Hye are now making desperate efforts to quell the demand of the people for her resignation talking about "nuclear threat from the north" swimming against the trend of the times, but this will only touch off stronger popular resistance.
    It is not long before Yun Pyong Se and others of the ministry, traitors and accomplices in the "Park Geun Hye, Choe Sun Sil scandal" will go to the political scaffold together with the worst wicked woman Park Geun Hye. -0-

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