Monday, 7 November 2016

Enraged Public Sentiment

Enraged Public Sentiment
Now, the sins of Park Geun-hye, the champion of abuse of power and graft, and her clique raise public indignation.
Since the beginning of her reign, she has developed south Korea, the hellish society, splendidly into the “super dumping ground” with her anti-popular misgovernment. The key to the development of famous brand “ruined republic” is the Park’s “creative management”. The managent itself is a unique “patent technology” unheard-of in the world.
Inherited nature of dictator, mystique of corruption and DNA of lecher from her father Park Chung-hee, Park Geun-hye followed Choi Tae-min, a pseudo-religionist, as her spiritual pillar and led a dissipated life with him. Later, she has continued to abuse her authority and graft with his daughter Choi Soon-sil and son-in-law Chung Yun-hoi.
Choi has controlled lunatic and stupid Park Geun-hye in all fields of society. Choi and her group interfered in state affairs and established foundations to accumulate wealth by illicit means. And she incited Park to confront with the north Korean compatriots and put her poor daughter to university with special favor. What is the most criminal is that Choi received the information on the DPRK and worsened the inter-Korean relation asserting that the DPRK would collapse within two years. On the basis of Choi’s delusion, Park has worked with bloodshot eyes to confront the DPRK and committed anti-reunification crimes such as closedown of Gaesong Industrial Park.
The fact that a tiny handful of these dregs of humanity trifled with the dignity and security of the nation infuriates the people.
Due to the atrocious maneuvers of Park clique, injustice prevails over justice in south Korea and the people are in the distress.
The conclusion is obvious.
If injustice is legalized, a resistance is inevitable.
Now, south Korea has turned into the theater of struggle.
Demanding the resignation of Park, struggles are being waged across south Korea, even in Gyeongsang Province, the so-called “stronghold of the conservatives”.
Irrespective of age and sex, various circles of people take part in the struggle.
Participated in the struggles are people from all walks of life including workers, peasants, students, teachers and opposition parties.
Even young children and aged people are waging vigorous struggle.
The public feeling has already sentenced the Park clique to death.
Only miserable downfall remains for the clique that has committed thrice-cursed crimes. Today’s struggle will spread like wildfire for the genuine life of the nation.

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