Wednesday, 5 October 2016

US Opposes Peace Agreement

Now round the world loud is the voice of denunciation against the US for its acts of destroying the peace and stability of the Korean peninsula doggedly turning away from the fair and square proposal of peace mechanism of the DPRK and resorting to its anachronistic hostile policy towards DPRK.
The Nigerian National Committee for the Study of Kimilsungism-Kimjongilism posted an article on its website as follows: The failure of the long dialogue  efforts for the denuclearization of the Korean peninsula is attributable to the unceasing nuclear blackmail and nuclear war exercises staged by the US against the DPRK. The logic of the US insisting that the priority must be put to denuclearization while keying up the situation of the Korean peninsula with its increasing military provocations is nothing less than a paradox and sophism. The US must face up to the reality and show an affirmative response to the proposal of DPRK instead of averting its demand on the conclusion of the peace agreement and clinging to the reckless nuclear confrontation. 
      The parliament of the Latin America posted a writing on its website as follows: The DPRK clarified again its fair and square stand in the 70Th UNGA session on replacing the Korean Armistice Agreement concluded in 1953 with a peace agreement from the urgent requirement of removing the war danger and arranging permanent peaceful environment in the Korean peninsula.

. Although the US continues its hostile policy toward s DPRK, Korea is fully  capable of coping up with any acts of invasion of the US. Though the US is misleading the public opinion as if the DPRK threatens the peace and stability of the world, it is no more than a pretext aimed at increasing its force in the Korean peninsula and the region.
Korea demands the conclusion of the agreement on the peace mechanism for bringing about a peaceful environment essential for the building of a socialist  thriving nation and improvement of the people’s livelihood. However, the US is impeding in every way the sincere efforts of theDPRK and making the situation in the Korean peninsula further tense.
This voice is growing higher everywhere in the world.This proves that the US is the chief destroyer of peace in the Korean peninsula and the reunification of the Korean peninsula is a matter of utmost urgency for the peace and security of the world.

The US must pay attention to the voice of the world instead of turning a deaf ear to replacing the armistice agreement with a peace agreement and come to respond affirmatively to the principled stand of the DPRK

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