Friday, 14 October 2016

Park Geun Hye Regime Should Be Thrown into Grave of History: Spokesman for C.C., DFRK

   Pyongyang, October 14 (KCNA) -- A spokesman for the Central Committee of the Democratic Front for the Reunification of Korea (DFRK) released a statement Friday as regards the strong waves of public actions sweeping south Korea to put an end to the Park Geun Hye regime's hideous rule of treachery.
    The statement said:
    The Federation of Public Industrial Workers Unions of south Korea launched a strike on September 22 in protest against the regime's introduction of the system of paying wages according to piece rate. This was followed by a large-scale general strike launched by more than 100 trade unions and hundreds of thousands of workers in various parts of south Korea including Seoul, Pusan and Inchon in protest against traitor Park's evil labor policy.
    They included the financial workers trade union, the railway workers trade union, the Seoul subway workers trade union, the health workers trade union under the Confederation of Trade Unions and the Federation of Trade Unions.
    On September 24, 10 000 citizens in Kimchon City, North Kyongsang Province held a meeting in demand of the retraction of the decision to deploy THAAD in south Korea. Dozens of civic and religious bodies including the Kimchon No-THAAD Struggle Committee and the Action for Checking THAAD Deployment are staging strenuous No-THAAD actions in various parts of south Korea including Songju County chosen for the deployment and Kimchon City adjacent to it.
    At least 1 140 "businesses involved in cooperation with the north" including the emergency measure committee of businesses for south-north economic cooperation held a large-scale meeting and launched a 100-day over-night sit-in strike in front of the "government" building in Seoul on the occasion of the anniversary of the October 4 declaration. They blamed Park Geun Hye for plunging the south-north ties to the worst deadlock, asserting they would stage a death-defying struggle rain or shine until the day when the south-north economic cooperation will be resumed.
    This mass struggle is rapidly spreading to the whole south Korean society including workers, scholars, religionists and politicians amid the rising voices of people from all walks of life demanding the introduction of a special investigation to probe the truth behind the death of peasant Paek Nam Gi and the modification of law to extend the period of activities of the Ad Hoc Committee for Probing the Truth behind the Ferry Sewol Disaster.
    This is the eruption of the pent-up grudge and wrath of the popular masses against the Park regime that turned south Korea into a tundra of democracy, human rights and people's livelihood and is bringing the disaster of a nuclear war to the Korean peninsula.
    The Park regime is just the group of the most wicked traitors who turned south Korea into a veritable hell, a grave of human rights and hotbed of a nuclear war by adding to the unpardonable thrice-cursed crimes already committed by it.
    It is quite natural for south Koreans of various circles to turn out with towering indignation in the actions against the regime's misrule, sycophancy, heinous policy of confrontation with the compatriots in the north and moves for a nuclear war against the north.
    The Park regime should stop at once its anachronistic fascist suppression and step down as wanted by the trend of the times and the public. -0-

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