Monday, 31 October 2016

Down with the corrupt fascist south Korean puppet regime !

After spending years slandering and defaming the Supreme leadership of the DPRK and spreading some of the worst lies and propaganda about the DPRK's great leaders , the south Korean puppets have got caught up in the worst ever scandal which threatens the existence of south Korea. Park Geun Hye the daughter of fascist dictator and Japanese collaborator Park Chung Hee is caught up in scandal involving corruption , a dubious religious cult and there is probably a sexual element to the scandal as well. Basically south Korea is in no position to criticise or try to judge the DPRK , they should not even think about it . What will happen is anyone's guess. It is possible that the US will tell the south Korean military to stage a coup which would get rid of Park corrupt and inefficient civilian government but at the same prevent progressive and pro-reunification forces from taking power . Or Park could start a war . Syngham Rhee started the 1950 Korean War when his regime was near to collapse and the US backed him in order to stop Korea being reunified. Possibly a pro-reunification regime could emerge in the south . This would mean the traitor at the DPRK London Embassy who went to south Korea could now find himself out of a job!
Down with the south Korean puppet regime !

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