Wednesday, 19 October 2016

National Reconciliation Council Issues Open Questionnaire to Traitor Park Geun Hye

 Pyongyang, October 19 (KCNA) -- The National Reconciliation Council issued an open questionnaire to traitor Park Geun Hye on Wednesday as regards her recent confrontation hysteria that reached its height.
    She has gone so far as to incite "defection from the north," daring talk about "sign of its collapse" and "self-ruin," not content with crying out for a "preemptive strike" at the DPRK, pursuant to her master U.S. hostile policy toward it, the questionnaire noted.
    Ridiculing her hysteric confrontation racket as a desperate last-ditch bid to tide over the serious ruling crisis close to her final ruin, taken aback by the DPRK's rapid bolstering of its national power, the National Reconciliation Council questioned Park as follows:
    Now is the time for you to open to public the fact that "confidence-building process" and "gaining a great opportunity of unification" touted by you was chicanery to realize the wild dream for "unification through absorption" at the U.S. beck and call, isn't it?
    Will you persist in shameless acts to conceal the fact that what you touted was a trite artifice to cover up your sinister design to realize the wild ambition for "unification through absorption" now that your confrontational intention has been fully revealed?
    You cry out for a "preemptive strike" with the backing of the U.S. Do you not care about Seoul including Chongwadae and all other parts of south Korea being reduced to a sea in flames and debris by a prompt and merciless counter-strikes of the DPRK?
    Do you think you can remain indifferent to the above-said event and you can survive a nuclear war?
    Don't you know that your open agitation of "defection from the north" is hideous allurement and abduction and a thrice-cursed crime against humanity diametrically running counter to international law and the UN Charter?
    Openly agitating "defection" among the people of a sovereign state is just a blatant challenge and wanton violation of the UN Charter and international law stipulating it as the fundamental principle to respect sovereignty of all countries and not interfere in their internal affairs and specifying abduction as crime against humanity.
    You often accuse others, talking about "observance of the UN Charter" and "international law", but make no scruple of committing inhuman crimes, ignorant of the above-said elementary principle, don't you?
    Can you own responsibility for groundlessly distorting the reality in the DPRK and decrying its sincere efforts for mending the north-south relations by running the whole gamut of lies, tricks and fabrications to incite hostility toward the compatriots in the north during your tenure of office?
    The ruler ill-famed for lies and fabrications is bound to meet a stern punishment of history after being forsaken by the people.
    Can you own responsibility before history and the nation for falsifying truth about the DPRK and desperately inciting bad blood toward the fellow countrymen in the north by floating wild rumors about them?
    Can you allow south Koreans to come here and see what is happening in the north for themselves when all ways to the north are kept open, not preventing them from seeing and hearing about the DPRK as you are desperately negating the eye-opening realities in the DPRK?
    You'd better come here and see if you want to help south Koreans dispel their doubts about "contingency", "instable social system" and "effective sanctions."
    You may send all who want to come here and see if you are not in a position to personally come here for fear of punishment for your sins.
    Are you ready to acknowledge the thrice-cursed crimes you have committed by hurting the dignity and honor of the service personnel and people of the DPRK and face a stern judgment at a DPRK court?
    The supreme judicial organ of the DPRK branded you as a top-class criminal and sentenced you to capital punishment long ago according to the criminal code of the DPRK.
    As you unhesitatingly and desperately insulted the symbol of the dignity and glory of the DPRK, you should be "emboldened" to pay a dear price for it. Can you do so? -0-

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