Tuesday, 18 October 2016

Park Geun Hye's Ambition for Stay in Power and Amassment of Fortune Disclosed by KCNA

 Pyongyang, October 18 (KCNA) -- Park Geun Hye with its term almost running out is now working with bloodshot eyes for stay in power and amassment of fortune.
    Following the disclosure of her "scenario" aimed at long-term stay in office, there have been a series of revelation of how she looked for private mansion after her retirement through the Intelligence Service and how she granted privileges to the Tongyang Local Products Company run by her relative, only to spark off a public furor.
    These facts clearly prove the dark intention sought by her to realize her stay in power and to seek a way of accumulating wealth at the end of her term.
    Most ambitious element and kingpin of corruption and irregularities Park has now gone to the extremes in her greed for power and wealth at the point at which she has to pack up and leave Chongwadae.
    She dreams a wild dream of holding power again like Japan's Abe by holding the posts of the next-term "prime minister" or member of "National Assembly" or party representative. On the other hand, she is amassing her fortune and preparing a luxury mansion and resorting to all other despicable acts, away from the eyes of the people.
    She intentionally created the atmosphere of crisis throughout society while vociferating about "state emergency" and she took under her wing her confidants though the motion calling for their dismissal passed through the puppet National Assembly. All this is aimed to build a springboard from which to realize her ambition for stay in office.
    Not content with collecting taxes from the people by abusing power, she has gone desperate to accumulate a sizeable amount of funds to be used after retirement. These are known through the disclosure of a series of power-backed scandals.
    No one knows how many hand-raised confidants like U Pyong U and Kim Jae Su she had appointed to important posts for her subsequent stay in power and how many ghost-like corruption-tainted entities like MIR Foundation, K Sports Foundation she created for amassing funds for meeting her political and financial greed.
    Yet, the traitor is mocking at the public just like a vendor crying wine and selling vinegar with such rhetoric as "honest politics" and "miracle of the River Han".
    It is the worst tragedy and misfortune for the south Korean people that the descendant of the "yusin" dictator and the worst imbecile and bete noire seized by embezzlement and prodigality, not feeling guilty at all of turning south Korea into the worst theatre of fascist rowdyism, barren land of people's living and the veritable hell in history, is still holding the power in south Korea.
    Crime is bound to bring punishment.
    The south Korean people have to take Park out of Chongwadae and bury her at once. -0-

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