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Juche Korea steadfast in Anti-Imperialism and Revolutionary Principle-special article by Dr Dermot Hudson

These days very few countries in the world take a strong against US imperialism .The Soviet Union and Eastern European socialist countries disappeared over 2 decades ago , of course they had long before hauled down the anti-imperialist flag .
     One country alone is consistent in its anti-imperialism , that country is Juche Korea  led by the dear respected leader Marshal KIM JONG UN.The DPRK's line goes right back to the days of the Down With Imperialism Union founded 90 years by the great leader President KIM IL SUNG .Since then the DPRK has always raised high the banner of anti-imperialism. In the 1960s  the DPRK challenged the revisionist line of "peaceful co-existence " and held high the banner of anti-US, anti-imperialist struggle. Rodong Sinmun carried excellent articles such   "Let Us Uphold National Liberation " and the great leader President KIM IL SUNG authored such classic revolutionary works such as " Let Us Intensify the Anti-US, anti-Imperialist Struggle " , "The Present Situation and Our Tasks "  and " The Great Anti-Imperialist Revolutionary Cause of the Asian , African and Latin American People's Is Invincible " . The great leader comrade KIM JONG IL also wrote powerful works against imperialism such as "On the Special Features and Aggressive Nature of Modern Imperialism" and "Let us March Forward Dynamically along the Road of Socialism and Communism under the Unfurled Banner of the Anti-imperialist Struggle” .Dear respected Marshal KIM JONG UN too raised high the banner of anti-imperialism. He declared that the DPRK was carrying out the line of anti-US showdown and stepped up anti imperialist , anti-US class education . He saw to it that the anti-US museum was reconstructed and expanded and other anti US class education centres were built.
   Dear respected Marshal KIM JONG UN said at the 7th Congress of the Workers' Party of Korea
that "It is fundamental in the anti-imperialist struggle to thwart the moves of the United States and its followers for aggression and war and safeguard global peace and security.
    US imperialism is undermining and wrecking global peace and security, and because of this it is the main target of the struggle for the cause of global independence. The peace-loving peoples around the world should not tolerate the imperialists' moves for aggression and war against sovereign nations; instead, they should struggle to ward off the danger of war and defend global peace and security. In order to build a new, peaceful world a dynamic struggle should be launched to dissolve the aggressive military blocs that give rise to military confrontation and war, and dismantle aggressive overseas military bases".

  Respected Marshal KIM JONG UN and People's Korea never mince their words and always mean what they say . In September 2016 a International Seminar on the Juche Idea for Anti-Imperialism , Independence and Solidarity was organised by the Korean Association of Social Scientists and the International Institute of the Juche Idea . The theme of anti-imperialism , independence and solidarity was a deeply reasonant one . Indeed there was an truly militant and revolutionary atmosphere . There were  many excellent anti-imperialist speeches . The President of the Korean Association of Social Scientists comrade Thae Hyong Chol said that "The present reality in which the people’s aspiration and desire for independence get ardent and the independent forces are strengthened in every corner of the world devolves an important mission and duty upon you who are the pioneers of the present era.

It is the prerequisite for global independence to maintain independence upholding the banner of anti-imperialism and independence.
The Juche idea followers of the world should strengthen solidarity with all the anti-imperialist and independent forces to reject the imperialist aggression and intervention, domination and subjugation and accelerate the global independence"
This effectively set the tone for the seminar.Numerous speakers hammered US imperialism and all kinds of imperialism Dmitri Kostenko of Russia said "   Dmitri Kostenko stated" I want to especially emphasize that we should not compromise in the confrontation with the imperialists and that we should never trust the enemies’ promise and peaceful gestures. One of the main reasons the USSR collapsed is the policy the revisionists executed for years, that is, the so-called appeasement policy, the “policy of coexistence with the imperialism” and the policy of patience to the imperialists’ propaganda. It is a dangerous illusion to think that we can peacefully coexist and cooperate with the imperialists". Mikel Vivanko head of the Juche Idea Study Group of Madrid 
quoted dear respected Marshal KIM JONG UN on imperialism and said that 
we should uphold this teaching  "as long as there is the dominationist moves of blockade by imperialist fascists who attempt to threat militarily the independence of progressive people on the globe and obliterate the people’s consciousness in a cunning manner."Manik Lama Chairman of Nepal-DPRK Friendship Society & Association for Songun Politics of Nepal lambasted those
who sell out to imperialism. The seminar adopted the "Let Us Expedite the Global Independence in Unity under the Banner of Anti-Imperialism and Independence" which stated that "Dynamic struggle for anti-imperialism and independence is an important requirement to achieve free development and prosperity of countries against the imperialist aggression and intervention made under the signboards of “democracy,” “anti-terrorism,” “human rights” protection and “globalization”.Democracy that is much vaunted by the United States is reactionary, in that it legitimizes the actions of minority of powerful and rich people in exploiting and oppressing the absolute majority of the people; it is an aggression-oriented democracy that allows a single superpower to suppress and control other countries at will. The “war on terror” waged by the United States is nothing but state terrorism targeting those nations that are opposed to it, and a new variant of its moves for aggression and war. On the pretext of protecting “human rights” and ‘globalization” the imperialists are trampling on the sovereign rights of other countries and nations, while acting outrageously to intervene in their internal affairs.
All these facts show that all countries and nations can expedite the cause of independence only when they see correctly the dangerous character of dominationist moves by the imperialists and intensify the struggle against them"  Visiting the DPRK for the 12th time I saw that everywhere we went we could see that the DPRK maintained anti-imperialist principles.Such principles were graphically manifested on the 6th of September and the 9th of September when the DPRK conduct,respectively,road-launched ICBM tests and the test of a nuclear warhead ,actions which showed that the DPRK takes the toughest stance towards US imperialism.Visiting the Pyongyang Orphans Secondary School I saw the Class Education Room where the pupils are taught about the aggressive and predatory nature of imperialism especially US and Japanese imperialism. Displayed in the room are graphic evidence of the crimes of US and Japanese imperialism. There was a picture of the "USS General Sherman " which illustrates that US imperialism's aggression against Korea is not a recent thing but actually spans two centuries.Significantly there was a picture of  the sinister
US warmonger John Foster Dulles planning the Korean War of the 1950s. Elsewhere in the DPRK there is the Sinchon Ri Museum which I have visited 4 times,the last time being in 2015 and the newly opened National Class Education Hall(which I was unable to visit this time but hope to visit next time) .Unlike the USSR and some other past or existing socialist countries the DPRK maintains anti-imperialist class education,not only maintains it but steps it up.This combats the invasive and toxic intrusion of imperialist and bourgeois ideology into the country which is ultimately so destructive. No one in the DPRK has any illusions about US imperialism,
   Juche Korea is truly steadfast in anti-imperialism and revolutionary principles thanks to the leadership and teaching of the dear respected leader Marshal KIM JONG UN. 
Dr Dermot Hudson
President Association For the Study of Songun Politics UK
Chairman Juche Idea Study Group of Englang
Official Delegate Korean Friendship UK
Member International Committee For the Study of Songun Polilitics.

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