Sunday, 30 October 2016

Cancel the warrant of postmortem!

Cancel the warrant of postmortem!
An all-people rally took place in Seoul on Oct. 15 to denounce the south Korean authorities for trying to make an autopsy of peasant Baek Nam-gi who was killed by the fascist suppression. It was sponsored by the Headquarters of Struggle for Baek Nam-gi.
It was attended by more than 1 000 citizens of all social standings with placards written “No autopsy” and “Denounce the murderous regime”.
Speakers accused the security authorities of trying to make an autopsy in a bid to declare that Baek died of illness.
They demanded the prosecution and police cancel the warrant of autopsy.

They called for not forgetting that Baek who demanded the right to existence was killed by the regime.
They noted that they would form a civic organization to protect Baek’s body from Oct. 16 to 26 on which the term of validity is due.
At the end of the rally the participants moved to the place where Baek was put in a critical condition after being hit by the police's water cannon, and held a memorial service for him.
A poem “Baek, come to life again” was read out in the memorial service.
On Oct. 25, the police committed one hundred operatives and 1 000 policemen of nine companies to the hospital to carry out the warrant of autopsy, however, they were withdrawn from the hospital by strong resistance of people under the Headquarters of Struggle for Baek Nam-gi.
The south Korean authorities should see squarely that their forced implementation of the warrant of autopsy would invite the public distrust and wrath and inflict a severe punishment on those responsible for Baek,’s death.

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