Wednesday, 19 October 2016

Park Geun Hye's Crimes Are Intolerable: KCNA Commentary

 Pyongyang, October 19 (KCNA) -- Serpent-like Park Geun Hye, traitor driven into a tight corner inside and outside, is making her last-ditch efforts, giving off poison.
    Recently she blustered that the DPRK's nuclear weapons and missiles pose "potential threat that can push all Koreans to extinction, not just as a means for simple threatening and negotiations", adding that THAAD deployment is "the minimum defence system for protecting the lives of the people" even though it is denounced by the nation as the trouble-maker.
    This can never be tolerated as it is a traitorous act of finding fault with the legitimate measure for bolstering nuclear weapons to defend the nation's sovereignty and security from the increasing U.S nuclear threats.
    The Park group, faithful nuclear war servants of outsiders, are recklessly playing with fire in the hotspot where the nukes of the DPRK for justice and the nukes of the U.S. for pressure and sanctions are in the state of acute confrontation.
    They are working hard to realize their scenario for a preemptive nuclear attack on the DPRK in pursuance of the U.S. while talking about "three-phased tailored deterrence strategy" and "operational plan for massive punishment by triad strike system".
    They allowed the ground deployment in south Korea of the U.S. nuclear strategic bombers for the first time in history at the instigation of the U.S. which called for "escalating military pressure on the north's leadership".
    Recently the U.S. nuclear carrier flotilla led by nuclear carrier Ronald Reagan sailed to the three seas of Korea to conduct madcap joint exercises for mounting "precision strike" at the headquarters and the strategic strongholds of the DPRK.
    After pushing the Korean peninsula to the brink of war beyond control through the racket for war exercises and reducing the whole of south Korea into a theatre of scramble for power and nuclear war exercises, Park is bringing the whirlwind of "extinction of all Koreans."
    The south Korean people are strongly demanding the Park regime stop its act of bringing the nightmare of a nuclear war to the people, saying that "not only THAAD but thing more sophisticated than it will not be able to down the ballistic rockets of the north".
    If we had not had access to nuclear weapons and had failed to steadily bolster them up, we would have fallen victim to the U.S. nuclear attack a hundred times.
    Park Geun Hye will certainly have to pay a dear price for the thrice-cursed crimes she has committed by frantically kicking up the racket for escalating confrontation and exterminating the nation over the north's nuclear weapons for justice protecting its security. -0-

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