Saturday, 15 October 2016

AINDF Calls upon All Koreans to Turn Out in Struggle to End Park Geun Hye Regime

  Pyongyang, October 15 (KCNA) -- The Central Committee of the Anti-Imperialist National Democratic Front (AINDF) Saturday made public an appeal to all the people.
    Recalling that south Korea is now seething with the fierce struggle against the Park Geun Hye regime which is committing the most shameful crimes of treachery unprecedented in history, the appeal went on:
    The escalating struggle against the "government" in different parts is the brave eruption of resistance and will of all the people not to tolerate the Park Geun Hye regime's unpopular rule, corruption and incompetence, pro-U.S. policy and policy of confrontation with compatriots any longer.
    All the crimes of the Park's regime are a vicious challenge to the mindset of the people desirous of justice and truth and a declaration of a war against the fellow countrymen hoping for peace and reunification.
    Our people will be driven deeper into the slough of poverty and they cannot escape the miserable disaster of a nuclear war entailed by the evil cycle of the confrontation with compatriots as long as Park Geun Hye, hateful pronoun of arrogance and self-complacency, misunderstanding, arbitrary practices, incompetence and ignorance, stays in Chongwadae.
    All the people!
    Let us turn out in the nationwide resistance to end the Park Geun Hye group!
    Let all workers decisively smash the system of paying salaries according to piece rate, new slave system, with united struggle!
    Let all peasants overthrow the Park Geun Hye regime devastating land of life of peasants with unprecedented murderous agricultural policy and build a new world where peasants live as befitting human being by our own efforts!
    Let all youth take the lead in the anti-Park Geun Hye struggle to get out of disgraceful plight!
    Let all women bravely join in the nationwide resistance judging the Park Geun Hye regime which brought the era of disregarding women with sex inequality and wage distinction!
    Let all religionists bravely turn out in the just struggle to push into hell the evil group of Park Geun Hye trying to turn religious Holy Land into a military base of outside forces and target of nuclear strike!
    Let all the people throw into the rubbish heap of history pro-U.S. traitorous group of Park Geun Hye trying to deploy THAAD in this land at any cost going against mindset of the people!
    Let all the people turn out in the anti-Park Geun Hye struggle through death-defying resistance and bring about a new world of a reunified powerful and prosperous country, genuine world of working people free from subordination, submission, exploitation, oppression, flunkeyism and treachery, at an early date! -0-

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