Saturday, 22 October 2016

Report of Skype Meeting of the ASSPUK and JISGE held on October 18th

The Association For the Study of Songun Politics UK(JISGE) and Juche Idea Study Group of England(JISGE) held a skype meeting on the occcasion of the 90th Anniversary of the Down-With -Imperialism Union and also on the human rights situation in south Korea. The meeting was held at 1930 hours on the 17th of October 2016 and was participated in by ASSPUK and JISGE members from Liverpool . London and Liverpool.
President of the ASSPUK and Chairman of the JISGE Dr Dermot Hudson saying that the formation of the Down With Imperialism Union was a great event as it constitutes the foundation stone of the Workers' Party of Korea. Dr Hudson said that the DIU was founded by the great leader President KIM IL SUNG when after he studied at the Hwasong Uisuk school which had been run by bourgeois naitonalists . President KIM IL SUNG became quickly disillusioned with both the nationalists who did not conduct the independence movement properly and also with the sectarians and factionalists of the communist movement. He looked for a new way and founded the DIU with revolutionary youth and students . It really was a big feat of the
great leader President KIM IL SUNG to form a new revolutionary politcal movement at the age of 14 , truly President KIM IL SUNG is the greatest of great leaders The DIU was the first
communist revolutionary organisation.
Dr Hudson read out the statement of the AINDF "Unfurled Banner of the DIU " which read in part "Under the wise leadership of President Kim Il Sung and leader Kim Jong Il, the Korean revolution has recorded only victory and honor holding fast to the independent cause of the DIU. Holding high the banner of independence, the Korean people achieved national liberation by their own efforts and defeated the US imperialists who boasted of being “the strongest” in the world with young armed forces. Despite the arbitrariness of the reactionaries including imperialists, revisionists and big power chauvinists, they built a strongest country which the world is envious of with constant idea of independence."
David UK KFA Organisation Secretary and JISGE and ASSPUK member said that the foundation of the DIU was a great advance .Today the ideas of the DIU are continuned by dear respected Marshal KIM JONG UN who leads the WPK
Shaun Pickford secretary general of the JISGE and chairman of Staffordshire KFA made reference to President KIM IL SUNG's speech at the foundation of the DIU in Huadian. Secretary
general Pickford said that President KIM IL SUNG went amongst the masses and founded the Party in a totally new and original way . The formation of the DIU and later the AIYL was a logical continuination of the idea of CHIWON of KIM HYONG JIK. President KIM IL SUNG went on to make the historic speech "The Path of Korean Revolution " and found the Korean People's Revolutionary Army on the 25th of April 1932.
Parallels were drawn between Britain and Korea . Shaun Pickford said that although there were big differences there was one thing in common between Britain now and Korea in the 1920s that was factionalism. Dr Dermot Hudson said that the big problem was when the anti-revisionists broke with the old revisionist Communist Party , the anti-revisionist movement quickly fell into the hands of middle class ,bourgeois and upper class sectarians who could not connect with working class people and soon the movement was divided into warring factions. However President KIM IL SUNG founded the party by relyong on the masses.
Dr Hudson attacked the human rights situation in south Korea saying that progressives and pro-reunification patriots were being heavily repressed all the time by the fascist Park Geun Hye
regime. South Korea has the worst human rights record in the world . We must do more to expose the appalling human rights record of south Korea. Shaun Pickford said this must be tackled under the banner of the KFA . It was resolved to hold KFA regional meetings in Livepool and Stoke which would include the subject of south Korean human rights.
The meeting discussed preparation for the picket on the 20th of October and the KFA International Meeting on the 5th November.
Meeting concluded at 20.44

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