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ASSPUK and JISGE on the 90th anniversary of the foundation of the Down-With Imperialism Union



                   London  10th of October Juche 106(2016)
The Association For the Study of Songun Politics UK and the Juche Idea Study Group of England today issued a joint statement on the occasion the glorious 90th anniversary of the foundation of the Down -With Imperialism- Union by the great revolutionary leader comrade Kim Il Sung the eternal red sun of Juche.

   90 years ago on the 17th of October  the revolutionary red banner of Juche was first raised in Korea with the formation of the Down-With- Imperialism- Union which was also known as the TD. The DIU was the first genuine communist revolutionary organisation in  Korea.The formation of the DIU marked a clean break with the stagnant  ideas of factionalism , flunkeyism and dogmatism  thus, it was a decisive leap forward in the task of building a revolutionary working-class party in Korea. The DIU  completely broke with opportunism and also the national reformism of bourgeois nationalists. As the great leader comrade Kim Il Sung said to the meeting that founded the DIU
"Irreconcible contradictions exist between the imperialists and people in the colonies  and these contradictions are sharpening  with the passage of time. Because these contradictions are antagonistic they cannot be settled by any kind of 'compromise ' and will only be solved when imperialism is overthrown"
  Thus the Korean revolution was set on the correct path.The foundation of the DIU by the great leader comrade Kim Il Sung heralded the dawn of a new era of independence in which the popular masses became masters of their fate,masters of their destiny.
   Indeed as the great leader comrade Kim Il Sung said;
"The formation of this union, the first genuine communistic revolutionary organisation in our country , was the historic announcement of a new beginning for our revolution. With the formation of the DIU  our people's revolutionary struggle began to progress with the principle of independence and this was when our Party began to strike its glorious roots"
     The DIU proudly proclaimed its aims were to win independence and liberation for Korea, to carry out the socialist revolution in Korea, to build socialism and communism in Korea and to carry out the world revolution. Thus for the first time in history the lines of national liberation and socialist revolution were combined. Moreover the relationship between the national tasks of the working class and its international tasks was affirmed. Both the line of combing national liberation with socialism and the line of inter-relating the national and international tasks of the struggle were a prototype form of the Juche idea of the great leader comrade Kim Il Sung.Independence and self-reliance were the cornerstones of the DIU.
   The DIU was a new kind of revolutionary organisation founded among the youth and students of Korea . The great leader comrade Kim Il Sung had prepared the ground for the formation of the DIU by leading many struggles amongst the youth and students including a strike of school students against reactionary teachers. These struggles fostered core elements of the revolution. It was not formed from the factionalists who indulged in empty talk and who were divorced from the popular masses as they were drawn from the middle class , bourgeoisie and  ruined aristocracy. The DIU fought for the revolution on the basis of independence.
   The DIU was the foundation stone of the Workers' Party of Korea.The idea and lines of the Down-Imperialism Union were brilliantly implemented and carried forward by the Workers' Party of Korea founded by the great leader comrade Kim Il Sung and developed the great leader comrade Kim Jong Il. As the great leader comrade Kim Jong Il in his work "The Workers Party of Korea is a Juche-type revolutionary party which inherited the glorious traditions of the DIU "..

Our Party which has followed a unique path since it started to take root with the formation of the DIU is a new type of revolutionary working-class party.

Ours is a Juche-type revolutionary party which is guided by the Juche idea and carried out its revolutionary activities independently and creatively in keeping with the interests of our people and conditions in our country. By establishing Juche thoroughly in all spheres of Party building and activity with the Juche idea as its unalterable guide, it has been able to strengthen and develop into an indestructible revolutionary party.
  Today the Workers' Party of Korea under the leadership dear respected Chairman KIM JONG UN is true to the principles of the DIU namely independence, self-reliance and anti-imperialism. Indeed the WPK is raising high the flag of militant anti-imperialism that was first raised by the DIU


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