Thursday, 20 October 2016

Spreading General Strike

Spreading General Strike
Tens of thousands of unionists of 100 trade unions under the Korean Confederation of Trade Unions and the Korean Federation of Trade Unions are launching a large-scale general strike against the authorities’ introduction of piecework system and anti-workers policy and peasants organizations are waging actions in demand of the government’s guarantee of rice price.
In the wake of general strike in July and September, many unionists and civil servants from the public transportation, railway, financing, healthcare, teacher and hospital trade unions have launched an indefinite general strike against the introduction of piecework system resulting in sweated labor and massive dismissal.
The peasant groups including the Association of Rice Producers the National Federation of Peasants Associations and thousands of peasants from eighty regions of south Korea went up to Seoul to hold rallies in demand of the right to life and resignation of the Park regime and marched toward Cheongwadae to make the authorities rigid.
The south Korean authorities are grumbling that south Korea is faced with general strike of various circle.

South Korea has ever witnessed such protracted nationwide action of the working people for defending democracy and the right to life after the inauguration of the Park regime.
The south Korean working people should throw the Park group into the dustbin of history by vigorously waging to ostracize the Park clique which is imposing misfortune and pains upon the south Korean people.

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