Friday, 28 October 2016

S. Korean Puppet Warmongers Warned Not to Run Amuck under Eyes of KPA

Pyongyang, October 29 (KCNA) -- The Korean People's Army (KPA) has already declared its stand that it would never pardon all forms of "psychological warfare against the north" in the areas along the Military Demarcation Line (MDL), regarding them as military provocations against it.
    Despite this warning, the south Korean puppet warmongers have been setting up a new large electronic display 10 meters high and 18 meters wide near the Igil-ri post in Cholwon County, south Korean Kangwon Province, in the demilitarized zone along the MDL since Oct. 27.
    One can interpret that the project is pursuant to the public announcement made by the south Korean puppet Ministry of Defense that it would increase the number of louder speakers and the time of broadcasting and the number of visual psychological warfare equipment through the building of new electronic displays, etc. in a bid to intensify the "psychological warfare against the north."
    The puppet forces made no scruple of blustering that they would set up and operate "downtown style" movable and immovable displays showing even animation files unlike those showing letters only in the past, claiming that "electronic displays are much more effective in psychological warfare than louder speaker broadcasting." This means they have buckled down to carrying out the first phase of the project.
    The puppet forces' decision to set up new electronic display for "psychological warfare against the north" was prompted by their cynical ploy to drive the extreme confrontation with compatriots to a direct military conflict.
    They must be aware that the KPA defending their leader and social system with arms would not overlook the vicious anti-DPRK confrontation hysteria taking place under its eyes.
    They are seeking to set up the above-said display as a target of strike, lead the KPA to take counteraction and justify their military provocation under this pretext.
    Their reckless anti-DPRK psychological warfare is pushing the tense situation in the areas along the MDL to an unpredictable phase.
    They tried to provoke the DPRK through all base moves such as setting up louder speakers and letting out a flurry of invective in the frontline areas. Finding all of them unworkable, they are going to use even electronic displays as means for confrontation with compatriots but they will be made to pay a dear price for such reckless act.
    They are expecting anything to happen after the futile erection of such electronic display but they will only face merciless retaliatory counteractions including the direct sighting strike of the KPA.
    The hatred of the KPA against the confrontation maniacs and its resolution to retaliate against them are running high.
    The puppet military warmongers had better stop acting rashly under the eyes of the KPA, unaware of their death. -0-

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