Monday, 10 October 2016

KCNA Commentary Derides Obama's Theory of "World without Nuclear Weapons"

Pyongyang, October 10 (KCNA) -- Obama's theory of "world without nuclear weapons" has invited international derision.
    The Chinese Huan Qui Shibao said that after his inauguration in 2009 U.S. President Obama trumpeted about "world without nuclear weapons" on several occasions and won Nobel Peace Prize for that but in actually he has made the least reduction of nuclear weapons, deriding his call for "nuclear-free world" as a laughing stock.
    The Austrian newspaper Der Standard said in an article that Obama's dream with which he won even the Nobel Prize is disappearing along with the expiry of his term, referring to the recent remarks of the U.S. Defence Secretary that "the U.S. nuclear weapons have become cornerstone guaranteeing its security".
    This is a revelation of the deceptive nature of the U.S. initiative of "nuclear-free world" and clear reflection of the international aversion and derision.
    The Obama administration which trumpeted about the "world without nuclear weapons" has made no mention of its own denuclearization but kept making play of words deceiving the world.
    It, on the other hand, included the phrases calling for continued possession of its nuclear arsenal in the "defense strategy review report" and maintained that it has to "keep stable and effective nuclear deterrence," pursuant to its national security strategy.
    In the 2015-2024 period the U.S. envisages the overall development of triad nuclear weapons i.e. strategic nuclear bombers, inter-continental ballistic missiles and nuclear submarines, at the expenses of 348 billion USD and is planning to spend 1 trillion USD for the nuclear modernization program within 30 years to come.
    While giving further spurs to the nuclear arms race, the U.S. intends to invest 108 billion USD for the five years to come.
    In the meantime, it is steadily introducing its strategic nuclear assets into south Korea, rendering the danger of a nuclear war to the extremes on the Korean peninsula.
    Not content with excluding the DPRK from the list of non-use of nuclear weapons and openly crying out for "containing it by nuclear weapons," the U.S. is seeking to bring the second Hiroshima and Nagasaki nuclear disasters through the racket of "preemptive nuclear strike" simulating an actual war.
    The U.S. is the world's biggest nuclear criminal state and a chief culprit standing in the way of the denuclearization of the world as it spawned the nuclear issue on the Korean peninsula with the unprecedented nuclear threats and blackmail and is keen on igniting a nuclear war.
    The U.S. trumpeting about "world without nuclear weapons" even though it is regarding them as a means for realizing its world domination is the height of shamelessness and double-dealing attitude.
    Obama, with the tenure of his office almost running out, is trying to cover up his crimes through the deceptive policy of no first-use of nuclear weapons and give impression that he has fulfilled his role as "Nobel Peace Prize winner" which he won with lies. But no one will be taken in by this.
    Obama's departure from his office will leave the U.S. initiative of building a "world without nuclear weapons" as a laughing stock of the world.
    What the international community wishes to see is a "world without the U.S." rather than the "world without nuclear weapons." -0-

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