Sunday, 16 October 2016

Risky Maritime Rehearsal

The US and south Korean trigger-happy forces are launching a large-scale maritime drill code-named “Invincible Spirit-2016” against the DPRK in the East, West and South Seas of Korea from Oct. 10, which lasted till Oct. 15
The maneuver involved about forty warships of the south Korean navy including Aegis destroyers, nuclear aircraft carrier Ronald Reagan, and warships including Aegis cruisers, sea patrol planes and Apache helicopters of the US and south Korean troops.
Nuclear-powered aircraft carrier Ronald Reagan
In the war rehearsal, there are operational exercise against the rear infiltration of the north Korean special unit in the east and west seas and drill of nuclear aircraft carrier in the southwest sea of the Korean Peninsula.
It is the first time that the US and south Korean belligerent forces conduct the maritime exercise simultaneously in the seas of the Korean Peninsula.
What is serious is that the war game is aimed to make precision strike at leadership and major nuclear facilities of the DPRK in contingency.
To this end, the destroyers loaded with 1 000 km long-range cruise missiles are involved to turn the DPRK’s major facilities into a wilderness of cinders and ashes by firing the precision guided missiles from the sea.
The situation shows that their ambition of preemptive strike at the DPRK is beyond a dangerous level.
However Washington and Seoul are sadly mistaken. The DPRK is a powerful nuclear weapons state both in name and reality
The Washington and Seoul authorities should clearly see the DPRK's changed strategic position and behave prudently, cherishing that their madcap war games and provocations would only hasten a disastrous defeat and downfall.

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