Tuesday, 18 October 2016

Time to take a stand ! Defend People's Korea and support KFA


It is time to take a real stand and defend People's Korea from the threat of US aggression . The US is quite openly threatening the DPRK with annihilation , with being "eliminated " from the face of the globe .
Why should you defend the DPRK ? Because it is the most independent nation on the earth that does not have foreign troops stationed on its soil and also does not send its troops to fight in other countries.The DPRK is not a member of the World Bank , IMF or WTO .There are no foreign banks in Pyongyang nor McDonalds .
The DPRK is a country that can say and do what it likes without looking over its shoulder at others
It is a society free from conflict and division. Free from crime and terrorism .
The DPRK is a genuine socialist country . Despite the onslaught of revisionism and anti-socialism the DPRK is maintaining socialist principles . Moreover despite 60 years of sanctions and blockade plus natural disaster the DPRK is implementing popular welfare policies such as free education, free housing , free medical care without taking a penny from its citizens in tax.
So rally around and defend People's Korea. Join KFA , get actively involved in KFA , do not just put like on facebook but get out of your armchair and support us , Come to our pickets on the 20th of October and 3rd of November

to contact UK KFA email uk@korea-dpr.info or find us on facebook

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