Wednesday, 12 October 2016

Cheongwadae, a haunt of corruption

Ti has been disclosed that confidants of Park Geun-hye formed two foundations and ran them to give financial support to Park after her retirement only to spark off public furor.  
The MI-R Foundation and K-Sports Foundation formed in October last year and in January this year raised funds and ran them illegally. It is none other than Park who played a behind-the-scenes role for them.
Nineteen big business groups including Samsung and Lotte, though they are in the red, donated 43.5 million dollars to the MI-R Foundation and 34 million dollars to the K-Sports Foundation on the pressure of Cheongwadae.
The Federation of the Korean Industries asserted that they set up the two foundations after consultation with several business groups. However, there are no business groups in the list of the founder and it is suggestive of the founder of the foundations is not a business group but invisible influence.
It is branded as the greatest scandal as An Jong-beom, policy-making secretary of Cheongwadae, and Park’s associates were involved in formation of the foundations and fund raising.   
Speaking of Choi Soon-sil, a focus of the scandal, she is a daughter of Rev. Choi Tae-min who was notorious for filthy relations with Park from the 1970s. They say that Choi Soon-sil kept Park her company after Park’s father’s death and they are on the intimate terms as Choi watched at Park's bed when Park had got stabbed when she was stumping the election district in 2006.  
Choi offered a Korean-style coat and skirt to Park after she took power and Park’s broach, necklace and other luxurious goods were provided by Choi.  
They say that Cha Eun-taek, a director of advertisement film, formed the board of two foundations with his close attendants and collected a staggering amount of fund from the big business groups by enlisting An Jong-beom.
Now the south Korean political circle and mass media strongly demand Park to divulge all suspicions before the popular masses.
The opposition parties show their will to investigate the scandal, while demanding the presence of the policy-making secretary of Cheongwadae, directors of two foundations and those who offered funds as witness at parliamentary inspection of the administration.  
Park employs subterfuge by saying that abuses and unidentified remarks in contingency would produce social disorder. The ruling Saenuri Party censured the opposition parties that they launched political offensive against the government.   
A gimlet in the sack is bound to protrude.
The FKI is busying itself to dissolve the two foundations and scrap all relevant documents as the evidence of Cheongwadae’s involvement in the scandal is disclosed as time goes by.
Park is a master of illegality and corruption who is too much bent on moneymaking for her prosperity, regardless of the people’s welfare.

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