Friday, 7 October 2016

Ongoing Resistance

A nationwide resistance against the US colonial enslavement policy and military rule took place in October in south Korea, 70 years ago. 
At the time, the US, which occupied south Korea in place of Japan and divided the Korean nation, declared the military rule. It disbanded the people’s committees by force and cruelly cracked down the advance of democratic forces at bayonets.   
South Korean people, who had been forced deprivation of political rights and subhuman life, turned out in the nationwide campaign against barbarous colonial rule of the US.  
The Cheolla provincial people’s action started in 1946 was developed into a general strike in September and expanded the nationwide resistance on October 1. They made raid on administration institutions and destroyed it, while chanting slogans “Strong opposition to the US colonial enslavement policy”, “Hand the power over to the people’s committee” and “Enforce democratic reforms like in north Korea!” 
The two-month long resistance staged in 73 cities and counties with at least 2.3 million patriotic people involved dealt a deadly blow at the colonial rule of the US imperialists over south Korea and struck the pro-US stooges who betrayed the nation with horror and uneasiness.
The October people’s resistance generated the April people’s resistance on Cheju Island, April 19 resistance, the Gwangju people’s resistance and June people’s resistance for terminating the US colonial rule and achieving independence, democracy and reunification.    
Seven decades have passed since the resistance but the US troops' military presence and domination over south Korea still persist, the people's democratic freedom and rights have been wantonly violated and national reunification has not been achieved.
This is entirely attributable to the US imperialists' criminal policy of invading the DPRK and the acts of treachery perpetrated by the pro-US lackeys with the backing of foreign forces.
The current situation requests the realization of the October resistance martyrs’ wish and removal of obstacle of peace and reunification of the Korean Peninsula through the nationwide drive for independence against the US and for democracy against fascism.
The south Korean people should satisfy the desire of the October resistance martyrs by accelerating the actions to drive the US troops out of south Korea and dealing a sledge-hammer blow at the Park Geun-hye group in a do-or-die spirit.

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