Saturday, 22 October 2016

Appeal to the fellow countrymen

Dear fellow countrymen!
Now south Korea is vibrant with fiercer actions against the Park Geun-hye regime which has committed thrice-cursed treason and sycophancy unprecedented in history of the Korean nation.
Cheer of actions is resounding across south Korea including Busan, Gwangju, Seongju and Gimcheon as well as Seoul where Cheongwadae, a cesspool of treason, and other government institutions are located. 
Righteous and gallant workers, who would not tolerate the conservative group strangling the lives of the workers with brutal labor policy, are at the head of the actions.
In the wake of general strike in July and September, many unionists and civil servants have launched an indefinite general strike against the introduction of piecework system resulting in sweated labor and massive dismissal.
The actions of the peasant organizations including the Association of Rice Producers and the National Federation of Peasants Associations against the agricultural policy of the Park clique are getting fiercer.
Thousands of peasants from eighty regions of south Korea went up to Seoul to hold rallies in demand of right to live and resignation of the Park regime and marched toward Cheongwadae to make the authorities rigid.
The nationwide action against the government is getting more intense with death of Baek Nam-gi who breathed his last after he was hit by water cannon fired by the riot police.
The emergency measure committee for inter-Korean economic exchange, 1, 140 business groups and people took to the streets to denounce the authorities that bedeviled inter-Korean ties. The actions against deployment of THAAD in Seongju and Gimcheon and other regions are mounting.
The escalating struggle against the “government” in different parts is the brave eruption of resistance and will of all the people not to tolerate the Park Geun-hye regime's unpopular rule, corruption and incompetence, pro-US policy and policy of confrontation with compatriots any longer.
The conservative authorities should know it is none other than the Park group that propelled the people to launch the nationwide campaign.
The murderous labor policy, anti-popular rule, and revival of “yusin” and manslaughter of the Park group kindled the south Korean people’s pent-up wrath.
In retrospect, Park has deceived the public sentiment after she took the presidency by advertising honeyed words such as “Era of people’s happiness”, “Stabilization of the people’s livelihood”and “Unification bonanza”.
The Park regime has reduced south Korea into a veritable hell and turned it into a theater of nuclear war of foreign forces.
The youth unemployment is on the increase and people get low wages and hunt jobs. It is the Park regime that made south Korea rank itself top in poverty and suicide under the signboard of “welfare”.
It is the Park group that has cracked down on the righteous action of people demanding those responsible for the sink of ferry Sewol for thirty months.
Fascist suppression, and illegality and corruption are twin brothers.
The public curse on Park, who mentions“uprightness” and “clean politics”before the public and devotes herself to illegality and corruption behind the screen, has reached a boiling point.
Park, who is the very spit of her father Park Chung-hee, has embezzled billions of money from conglomerates for her retirement when the working people suffer abject poverty. 
The scandal of the MI-R Foundation and the K-Sports Foundation that sparked off public furor reveals that Park is a boss of illegality and corruption and political charlatan without an equal in the world.
The south Korean people would suffer holocaust of a nuclear war, far from peace, if THAAD is deployed.
Nevertheless,the Park clique is making last-ditch efforts to deploy THAAD, clamoring about deceptive “security crisis”.
All the crimes of the Park's regime are a vicious challenge to the mindset of the people desirous of justice and truth and a declaration of a war against the fellow countrymen hoping for peace and reunification.
The history of south Korea has been stained with treachery, sycophancy, anti-popular policy and fascist rule, however, it never witnessed the worst people’s livelihood and volatile situation.
The south Korean people will be driven deeper into the slough of poverty and they cannot escape the miserable disaster of a nuclear war entailed by the evil cycle of the confrontation with compatriots as long as Park Geun-hye, hateful pronoun of arrogance and self-complacency, misunderstanding, arbitrary practices, incompetence and ignorance, stays in Cheongwadae.
The current situation urgently requires the nationwide action against the Park regime, the enemy and the root of evil of the people,
The nationwide action being waged across south Korea is not only for the right to live but the action of punishment and justice to ostracize the Park group which inflicts all sorts of misfortune and pains, war and destruction upon the people.
Now is the time to throw the Park group into the dustbin of history by intensifying the nationwide action.
Dear fellow countrymen!
The duration of the Park clique multiplies the people’s misfortune and pain.
Turn out in the nationwide action to ostracize the Park group!
Decisively smash the system of the piecework system, new slave system, with united struggle!
Smash the anti-workers policy of Park resulting in filling purse of vicious business groups, wage reduction and massive dismissal!
Withdraw Park from Cheongwadae by introducing the piecework system to herself, the good-for-nothing!
Decisively reject “four-point restructuring reform”and eradicate the Park regime!
Dear peasants! Overthrow the Park Geun-hye regime devastating land of life of peasants with unprecedented murderous agricultural policy and build a new world where peasants live as befitting human being by our own efforts!
Resolutely block the import of American rice killing the peasants!
Youth! Take the lead in the anti-Park Geun-hye struggle to get out of disgraceful plight!
Youth should lead the van of democracy and reunification in unity.
Let all women bravely join in the nationwide resistance judging the Park Geun-hye regime which brought the era of disregarding women with sex inequality and wage distinction!
Let all religionists bravely turn out in the just struggle to push into hell the evil group of Park Geun-hye trying to turn religious Holy Land into a military base of outside forces and target of nuclear strike!
The Park clique has made frantic bid to tide over its serious political crisis by escalating inter-Korean confrontation and launching war games against north Korea.
Let all the people throw into the rubbish heap of history pro-US traitorous group of Park Geun-hye trying to deploy THAAD in this land at any cost going against mindset of the people!
Ensure peace and security to check deployment of THAAD by pooling efforts of the nation!
Let us give the Park regime, which is justifying deployment of THAAD by trumpeting “security crisis”,quietus!
Develop the people’s drive for the right to live into a patriotic action for peace and independent reunification!
Resign the Park regime and realize reunification and prosperity by reviving the June 15 era!
The sense of organization and solidarity is a key to victory.
The action to achieve democracy, people’s rights, the right to life and independent reunification is strange to difference of class, strata, party affiliation, political view and religion.
The withdrawal of the Park regime is a shortcut to provide a sure guarantee for democracy and right to life desired by the people and no-deployment of THAAD.
Wage a continuous and strong nationwide drive until the close of the Park group!
The working people of every circle should wage a joint action, transcending affiliation, groups and regions.
Shatter the authorities’ fascist suppression of righteous action by united efforts of the nation!
Victory is in store for the people who turn out as one in a righteous drive in high spirits. 
Let all the people turn out in the anti-Park Geun-hye struggle through death-defying resistance and bring about a new world of a reunified powerful and prosperous country, genuine world of working people free from subordination, submission, exploitation, oppression, flunkeyism and treachery, at an early date!

AINDF Central Committee
October 15, 2016

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