Friday, 7 October 2016

Baek’s Death Protests

Baek’s Death Protests
A rally was held in Seoul on Oct. 1 to denounce the man-killing regime and mourn peasant Baek Nam-gi under the sponsorship of the Korean Confederation of Trade Unions. .
More than thirty thousand people including workers and peasants gathered before the hospital of Seoul National University.
The head of Catholic Peasants Council, in the rally, said that Baek breathed his last after 317 days of critical condition after he was hit by water cannon fired by the riot police.
He showed his anger at the attempt of the police and prosecution to make an autopsy of the late Baek, he would never allow the police’s approach to his dead body. .
He asserted that he would surely achieve reunification and democracy ardently desired by Baek.
The late Baek’s daughter said that she has a clear evidence of her father’s death and she was indignant at the police that intended to make an autopsy.
Referring to the fact that Park released venomous remarks that internal chaos is more dangerous than nuclear missiles of north Korea, the general-secretary of the general federation of women peasants noted that she is worried about Park who is making last-ditch efforts against democracy and masses for the good of her political force, irrespective of national security.
The executive chairman of the Consultative Council of Families of Victims for Probing Truth about April 16 Ferry Sewol Disaster pointed out that we are the sons and daughters of Baek, we would leave this world in the ferry Sewol or by the water cannon fired by the police and we should change the regime not only weeping tears of sadness.
The acting chairman of the Confederation of Trade Unions advanced a proposal of people's action to the effect that they would expand incense-burning altars in 114 areas across south Korea, conduct a signature campaign for special investigation for probing the truth behind the violence to Baek and punishing those responsible for the case and hold rallies to mourn the late Baek throughout south Korea.
After the rally, they marched through the street to strongly criticize the Park regime, while chanting slogans “Revive Baek”, “Stop autopsy”, “Remove water cannon and terminate state violence” and “Make a special investigation not autopsy”.

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