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UK KFA Pickets of the US imperialist embassy and south Korean puppet embassy 20.10.2016

Report of UK KFA Pickets of the south Korean puppet embassy and US imperialist embassy.

The UK Korean Friendship Association held pickets of the US Imperialist embassy and the south Korean puppet embassy on the 20th of October to protest against US imperialist and south Korean puppet war moves. The pickets was attended by members of the UK Korean Friendship Association , the Association For the Study of Songun Politics UK and the Juche Idea Study Group of England .New Communist Party General Secretary Andy Brooks attended the picket.
Firstly the south Korean puppet embassy was picketed .The picket started at 1500 hours. Dr Dermot Hudson President of the Association For the Study of Songun Politics UK, Chairman of the JISGE and Chairman of UK KFA addressed the picket . He said that the picket was called to denounce the war moves of the US imperialists and south Korean puppets against the Democratic People's Republic of Korea the only legitimate state on the Korean peninsula . Dr Hudson said that south Korea is a puppet regime and total colony of the US saying that "south Korea is a colony No. 1 and "51st State" of the U.S." Dr Hudson denounced the south Korean puppets for planning pre-emptive strikes
against the DPRK supreme leadership and nuclear facilities of the DPRK saying that the Korean peninsula was on the brink of war .Dr Hudson praised the DPRK's nuclear deterrent . Dr Hudson said it was important to defend the DPRK the independent state and socialist state.The statement of the DPRK National Reconciliation Council and the Democratic Front for the Reunification of Korea were read out . Picketers chanted
Down with the south Korean fascist puppet regime !
No to war ! No to sanctions !
Park Geun Hye , OUT! , OUT! OUT!
US out of Korea !
Victory to the AINDF
Long live the south Korean revolution !
Defend People's Korea !
Long Live the Workers' Party of Korea !
Long Live the Korean People's Army !
Long Live Marshal KIM JONG UN !
Liberate south Korea !
Korea is One !
A DPRK flag along with a KFA banner , a reunification flag and placards were displayed. The picket was put under constant surveillance of the staff of the puppet embassy and 2 sk puppet security goons came out but fortunately did not attack the picket,Picket concluded at 1620hrs.
The US Embassy at Grosvenor Square was picketed from 1700hrs. Dr Dermot Hudson addressed the picket saying that the US had carried out the "Invincible spirit " war exercises against the DPRK from the 1st of October to October 15th which included the nuclear powered aircraft carrier Ronald Reagan , which named after the US warmonger Reagan the senile US president of the 1980s and retired cowboy actor, and some south Korean puppet warships.There are ongoing US and south Korean war exercises being staged against the Democratic People's Republic of Korea . US Defence Secretary Ashton Carter said that the DPRK would disappear from the face of the earth.
Dr Hudson also said " We are here to defend the right of the DPRK to exist , to defend its independence , it is time to take a real stand and defend People's Korea from the threat of US aggression . The US is quite openly threatening the DPRK with annihilation , with being "eliminated " from the face of the globe .
Why should you defend the DPRK ? Because it is the most independent nation on the earth that does not have foreign troops stationed on its soil and also does not send its troops to fight in other countries.The DPRK is not a member of the World Bank , IMF or WTO .There are no foreign banks in Pyongyang nor McDonalds .
The DPRK is a country that can say and do what it likes without looking over its shoulder at others.
It is a society free from conflict and division. Free from crime and terrorism .
The DPRK is a genuine socialist country . Despite the onslaught of revisionism and anti-socialism the DPRK is maintaining socialist principles . Moreover despite 60 years of sanctions and blockade plus natural disaster the DPRK is implementing popular welfare policies such as free education, free housing , free medical care without taking a penny from its citizens in tax.
" Dr Hudson also denounced the US imperialists for flying B1B nuclear bombers into Korea
pointing out that the Korean peninsula is on the brink of war which could quickly turn into a world war.Dr Hudson denounced the US and UNSC sanctions on the DPRK but pointed that the DPRK would defeat them with self-reliance and the self-development first idea .
Statements of the DPRK Foreign Ministry and KCNA were read out.
A message of support from KFA Spain and the Juche Idea Study Group of Madrid was read out which said in part "The DPRK has its right to exist and defend itself, and we, revolutionaries of the world, should defend it, because it means also to defend ourselves. For all this we congratulate you, our hearts and minds are always with you!"
Picketers chanted
US Out of Korea !
Yankee Go Home !
Defend People's Korea !
No to Sanctions No to War !
Down with the US fascist regime !
Korea is One !
Long live the Korean People's Army !
Flags of the DPRK and KFA were displayed along with placards against war exercises.
A CIA surveillance operative tried unsuccessfully to harass the picket but withdrew .
Picket concluded 18.20

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