Wednesday, 5 October 2016

Upholding Banner of Songun

   The DPRK marks the Day of Songun on August 25.The Day of Songun was instituted to celebrate August 25,the day when Kim Jong Il(1942-2011)began his Songun leadership in 1960, down to the posterity.That day Chairman Kim Jong Il inspected on the spot the Seoul Ryu Kyong Su Guards 105th Tank Division. It was an event of great significance.
From that day on he continued the arduous Songun march till the lastday of his life giving an on-the-spot guidance to over 5,200 military units.
The imperialists’ anti-socialist offensives reached an extreme in the mid-1990s. From that time he crossed over the Chol Pass (16 kms uphill and another 16 kms downhill) near the MDL more than ten times to visit the KPA units defending the frontline. There is a legend-like story. One day on his way to visit the soldiers in the unit located in Mt. Osong with 152 turns of a winding mountain pass, his field car began to slide down. At the moment he put his shoulderto push up the car and went on his journey to arrive at the unit finally.
He made his way to see the posts of Panmunjom on the DMZ under the very  nose of the enemy and the outposts in the islets of theWestern Sea riding out angry waves.
In those days he turned the KPA into an invincible strong army and built
up the military capabilityof the nation in all rounds to prepare a solid military guarantee for the triumph of the cause of socialism.
The KPA, turned into a crack armed force impeccable in view of the political and ideological,strategic and tactical and military technical levels, was ever-victorious in the unceasing confrontation with the formidable enemy, US-led imperialists.
When socialism collapsed in many countries without so much as firing a shot at the end of the last century, the KPA held fast to its stand as a steadfastand reliable defender of the cause of socialism to frustrate the anti-socialist offensive of the imperialist allied forces.
Chairman Kim Jong Il , having safeguarded socialism under the banner of Songun, heralded the new era of building a socialist thriving nation.He led the KPA to tide over the ordeal and difficulties with bold offensive approach under the slogan of “Let us take upon ourselves both national defense and socialist construction!” and create heroic feats in the socialist construction and saw to it that all the people learn after the revolutionarysoldier spirit of the KPA to make great innovations and leap forward in all fields of building a thriving nation
The miraculous realities of Korea invincible withthe single-hearted unity, firm with the self-defensecapabilities and thriving with an industrial revolution of the new century despite the extreme stifling moves of the imperialists are unimaginable apart from the exploits of his Songun leadership.
The exploits of Chairman Kim Jong Ilwho made permanent foundations for the prosperity of thenation with his outstanding and seasoned leadership under the banner of Songun will remain long in history with the Day of Songun of Korea.

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