Wednesday, 5 October 2016

The Only Youth Power

The 70th anniversary of the founding of the Kim Il SungSocialist Youth League (January 17,1946) is significantly celebratedin the DPRK called a youth power.
A youth power denotes a nation that young people play a pivotal ro
le in the socialdevelopment and the society continues to leap forward propelled by their vanguard, charging role and a nation full of promise with great united and revolutionary ranks of youths possessed of high and sound moral qualities.
In many countries youths are a nuisance in society, but in the DPRK only the problem of young people was settled most successfully.
President Kim Il Sung(1912-1994), the founder of socialist Korea, put forward an original youth-importance idea that the youths are the main force in the revolutionary struggle and socialist construction and successfully brought it into reality. Inhis early days he had started his revolutionary activities from the youth movement. In January 1946 following the liberation from the military occupation of Japan he organized the North Korean Democratic Youth League (the
predecessor of the Kim Il Sung Socialist Youth League), a mass organization of the Korean young people, illuminated their paths in every stage of revolution and
construction from thebuilding of a new society, the Fatherland Liberation War, the post-war rehabilitation and construction to the socialist construction and energetically led them throughout to play the role of vanguards and shock force fully.His youth-importance idea was brilliantly inherited by Chairman Kim Jong Il(1942- 2011).Thanks to his thorough youth-importance politics the Korean young people demonstrated tothe full the revolutionary faith and fortitude of the young people of Songun Korea in the unprecedented hard march and the struggle for the defense of socialism without gunfire in the1990s.
   Today their spiritual qualities strike the world with wonder.The young men and women born and bred in townsvolunteer to work in hard and difficult places like mines and villages or to teach children in remote mountainous or island villages. Girls at blooming age make themselves the mother of orphans or regard it happiness to make themselves lifetime companions of honored disabled soldiers. All these aretheir view of life and moral.
Inspecting the Paektusan Songun Youth Power Station in April 2015 respected leader Kim Jong Un highly appreciated the heroic feats of the members of the youth shock brigades displayed inevery work place of the construction site and declared that Korea with such large contingents of youths is indeed a youth power.
   In the inauguration ceremony of the Paektusan Hero Youth Power Station in October last year he made an energetic speech:The members of the Paektusan Hero Youth Shock Brigade,the vanguard fighters of the WPK,devoted their strength and passion of their precious youth,building dams for several years in these deep,rugged mountain valley far away from the capital city of Pyongyang. Everybody will bow to the revolutionary self-sacrificing spirit and patriotism they displayed during the construction of the power plant.They opened up the paths to transport the building materials with sledges or loading racks when the vehicles were frozen fast in the severe cold and the death-defying corps members bolstered up railway bridges in cold water as cold can be with their body frozen as an“ice pillar”.The sweat of their brow shed in the Paektu area will always be in the memory of the Party,fatherland and people.
   Highly appreciating that heroes are all the builders of the power plant who demonstrated vigorously the greatness and vitality of the WPK’s idea of attaching importance to young people, he posed a photograph taken with all the builders withthe dam at the background and reiteratedwith pride that Korea is a youth power prospering for ever with youthful vigour.
Bright is the future of socialist Korea demonstrating her dignity and prestige to the world as an only youth power.

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