Wednesday, 5 October 2016

Speech of David UK KFA Organisation Secretary to ASSPUK and JISGE Meeting 01.10.2016

Dear comrades and friends,
We are here to conmemorate the gloroius 71st anniversary of the WPK,
The Workers' Party of Korea continues making great victories in strengthening socialist construction and independence since its foundation on the 10th of October of 1941
The Democratic People's Republic of Korea under the wise Leadership of the Workers' Party of Korea 71 years after  its foundation and under the banner of Kimilsungism-Kimjongilism is the only nation this days who continue building socialism on the right track towards communism under the great leadership of respected Chairman Kim Jong Un, since the founding of the Party and going back to the founding of the Down with Imperialist Union on 17th of October of 1926 to liberate the nation from the Japanese occupation, President  Kim Il Sung developed the Juche Idea and Songun politics for the struggle of independence socialism and communism independently without influence of outside nations and according to their circumstances.
The great leader development the principle that the socialist revolution could only be developed by the way of the three revolutions: the Ideological, technical and cultural.
This way is the only one in the history of the Working Class Movement where the DPRK has allowed it to be the only nation in the world that achieved the final victory of socialist construction towards communism society. Prioritizing above the three revolutions the ideological factor as great leaders were saying, for teaching the people as communists fighters, only then you can achieve class consciousness of the masses and create the communist consciousness.          
Ideology is the most important of the three revolutions as this encompasses the others two.The technical factor is essential for the construction of the socialist economy in all fields and in favor of the popular masses and not for the exploitation of them. The DPRK has shown great victories year after year since its foundation. The triumph of all the Five Year Plans including the chollima plan in 1956 and recently the triumph of the 70 days campaign, and more recently even the 200 speed day campaign and Mallima plan is only possible thanks to the ideological prioritization that motivated all sectors of the working people to improve the quality of life in the society, to work for the collective and create in less than half century what capitalism never got in hundreds of years.
Independence and self-reliance is the fundamental factor of the DPRK economy increasing day by day, apartments that are given free to the citizens, entertainment for the people, development in the technological factor and improving the defense of the country to ensure its sovereignty and that socialism can prosper in all aspects.
The cultural factor is very important when it comes to destroy the decadent class culture society to build the communist culture which were mentioned by the great leaders, so that humanity should thrive. The greatest achievement of the DPRK in the cultural sector is the education in socialist values, the love of the nature, the art and life are taught from an early age, the focus on creativity as the main factor to each of the citizens. This allows a society to prosper and become master of its own destiny.
The collapse of the socialist countries was due to its ideological limitations which didn't prioritize ideology and focused more on technique and culture, but they didn't focus on the ideological. It's impossible to form the masses as communists and create the new society  and develop it, leading to the inevitable collapse of socialism due to the lack of ideological consciousness and his return to capitalism.
Only the DPRK prioritized ideology in all aspects and this is the reason why the DPRK will never collapse since the great ideological consciousness of the people keeps them united and loyal to the party and socialism, the Korean people will get more and more victories each day.
In the Seventh Congress of the WPK Respected Chairman Kim Jong Un showed the irrevocable course of the three revolutions in the construction of socialism which shows that Korea will continue victorious until the final victory of socialism and communism and the reunification of the Korean peninsula.
I would like to congratulate the  Korean people for the success of the nuclear test. Symbol of independence and sovereignty.
It is our duty to keep the study of the Juche Idea and Songun politics since both are the future of socialism and communism. The Workers' Party of Korea is and will be the vanguard of the international communist movement.
Long Live the WPK!
long Live Kimilsungism-Kimjongilism!
Long Live Respected Chairman Kim Jong Un!

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