Wednesday, 5 October 2016

Women Highly Regarded and Loved in Society

The discrimination of women is still posed as a serious social and political issue in the world in the 21st century called a new era of civilization. Then what is a genuine way of solving this problem?
The international community finds its answer in what is happening in socialist Korea, a beautiful land where women are highly regarded and loved in society.
The TASS of Russia reported as follows: Women are warmly congratulated in the DPRK on March 8, International Women’s Day.
In Korea women are highly regarded and loved. Among them are women soldiers defending the safety of their country or wives of KPA of
ficers. There are many songs and poems praising their courage and beautiful deeds. Besides, many women including scientists, artistes,sportswomen, journalists are devoting themselves to the building of a thriving nation.
Flash, the journal of the Asia Pacific Office of the Federation of World Trade Unions, noted that in Korea a legal environment for highly regarding women has been built up, and went on to write:
The Korean women, who had been subject to all sorts of humiliation and
contempt in the past, have now become a proud and powerful being playing an important role in carrying on the Songun revolutionary cause.
The great leader President Kim Il Sung (1912-1994) regarded the women’s problem as one of the fundamental issues in the social revolution. Following the liberation of the country he personally worked out and made public the Law  on Gender Equality for giving the women equal rights with men in the political, economic and cultural life of the country. This firm legal foundation guarantees them to make contributions to the development of the society.
Saying that in Korea all conditions are provided for them to take part in public affairs and lead a worthwhile life,The New Worker,a British newspaper, emphasized: The Korean women enjoya special social benefits. They have a full maternity leave. There are health and child-care facilities everywhere. The state has built nurseries and kindergartens with excellent facilities.
After having seen a TV programme on the women who participated in the second national mothers’ meeting held in Pyongyang, a south Korean woman activist expressed her excitement: It was quite impressive that all the mothers who brought up tens of orphans, those of heroes whogave up their lives to save the collective, those who would visit the oldiers and builders whenever they had got something rare and those who were awarded the title of heroine for having many children had said unanimously that  they could be held in respect as excellent  mothers thanks to the infinite love of great General Kim Jong Il(1942-2011).
“A flower garden cannot be thought of without the sun. The women of the north are the most beautiful women in the world who had been bloomed and tended in the flower garden of humanity cared after by Chairman of National Defense Commission Kim Jong Il

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